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  1. DuffMan

    iGTA Night - Feb 7 (PS4)

    Oooh, I've never ever played LBP. Thanks for the heads up EDIT: oh ffs, PSN is down atm Fuck you Sony.
  2. DuffMan

    iGTA Night - Jan 17 (PS4)

    Maybe you could all play Destiny with me?? ...... no? alright then.....
  3. Word filters are for fine gentlemans. This is the land of the free.
  4. I login and get a notification that Brian has posted a status update. Thanks, Invision
  5. DuffMan


    The whole conversation is irrelevant because everyone will fork out for it regardless.
  6. DuffMan

    Rockstar News

    I think GTA 6 is a real possibility. GTA is the big money spinner, and we know from the bullshit that is GTA Online that Rockstar are all about the monies now.
  7. DuffMan

    Medical Topic

    If smoking has caused your lungs to work inefficiently they can begin to hyperinflate to compensate. More likely it's just genetic. inb4 "my penis has almost record-breaking capacity"
  8. DuffMan

    Cars/Vehicle Talk

    Audi RS3
  9. No one here? *faps*

    1. Brian



    2. Qdeathstar


      Who deleted my topic?

  10. DuffMan

    GTAO Update - Beach Bum and Stimulus

    $100,000 doesn't even get you a sports car. I lost $40,000 just messing around in Free Mode last night. Money is too easily lost to want to pay out loads in shark cards.
  11. DuffMan

    GTAO Bugs and Troubleshooting

    I may be totally wrong, but I think RP is levelled when playing on your own. I did a couple of races earlier and received the same RP I would have expected pre-update.
  12. DuffMan

    GTA Online Hints and Tips

    They'll probably make it so you need a million job points in your current session to play a heist mission or something... Which will be a pain in the arse if you get randomly dropped from MP and lose them all.
  13. DuffMan

    GTA Online Hints and Tips

    I'm seeing this being said a lot. What does it even mean? Your game has no bearing on what other people can see or do - you still need to grind RP to access high power weaponry. Here's an idea: don't make it take a whole day of grinding Boneyard Survival to buy even the cheapest of the supercars and people won't need to use exploits.