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  1. Then so would be this topic. It's just that I expected free running to be cool, just like what you see in gangster movies where gangsters jump from and across building to building, over a fence with style. Playing as Franklin I hoped to do that in certain missions. you have been watching too many movies, people are usually scared shitless on shootouts and are usually not focus on doing stupid stunts like those.
  2. They stated it would, so why wouldn't it? They did? In that case... Ignore my stupid comment. I'm interested to know how that will work though, will the people with the DLC have their own lobbies of DLC stuff? Otherwise like someone said you could simply kill the owner of the car and take it. maybe it will work somewhere along the lines of max payne dlc... when you bought that special gun for some reason, other players that did not have the dlc will just not be able to pick the gun unless they have the dlc. or maybe they will just be able to get it but not save it in their garage, like saint row the 3rd, they will be able to even ride the car, just not save it.
  3. I hope money is also a part of multiplayer. giving the same options as in single player with respect to how one goes into spending it.
  4. well they have already confirmed that there will be crews, if you are not aware of what that is, take a look at max payne info.
  5. lets make a bet... instead of shutting up how about that, if I win I fuck your mother. can you be so sure to bet your mother on it?
  6. compare voices and facial features.... I could care less what that article said. Ned luke is also a celebrity so your argument makes no sense. Pretty sure when they annouced that they meant KNOWN celebrities. It's not like they're just gonna cast people with no experience. Jonah Hill is an A lister and a steadily rising star. It's not him dude. other than me predicting something that could be I am not confirming anything it is just a wild guess. however if I am right and we find that out I will come back here and make you feel little
  7. compare voices and facial features.... I could care less what that article said. Ned luke is also a celebrity so your argument makes no sense.
  8. Are you saying he acts like the character from the movie or is voiced by Jonah Hill? my bad dude I meant Jonah Hill, I just recognize the voice and the face, but I forgot his name looked it up and came up with a movie character. yes I meant to say he is voiced by Jonah Hill thanks for noticing my error.
  9. michaels son = Noah Griffith heard the voice side to side, and the character looks pretty similar to the guy
  10. I'll have to agree. It makes the feel of the game come to us as more realistic, which takes the gamers and makes them feel like they are really in the game. Hopefully some house editing options are available too. Since GTA5 has waited this long I expect there to be more than we can handle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is by Brandon Harrell, from a small town in Texas, and I absolutely love GTA. I have bought ever single version of the game for ever console since it has started. I am definitely a die-hard fan. Mason Dube has made a very compelling point here, it would be so amazing to be able to up our cars performance wise just with like doing the body muscle. The options to put in 2.7L .3.5L, body work, interior exterior, dual exhaust and everything would be so fucking amazing. I joined this forum just to post my thoughts on in and I hope they are heard. It seems like a whole bunch of people want this done. I wish for there to be real dates with women, ones you can get to know, maybe ones you meet just by talking on the street. You can , for instance, talk to them and get their number. Call them- set up a date-, etc. Maybe adding marriage would be a step too far but if that is an idea I would like it to be there as well. As a personal player, with my own creativity, the storyline is what I love. Everything connects to the story, but I want there to be a part after the game is completed too you know. I am so into the storyline every single game that comes out and when I start playing it I am literally glued to it. It takes me to a new realm of creativity and individuality. So my personal wishes for the game are : 1. girlfriends tie in more, bodybuilding, car performance, and also something to take place after the story line, things to do, or even exterior missions and goals players can complete. Thank you all so much for my time, and I hope I haven't bothered you any. -Hardcore GTA fan -Hardcore fan of the franchise as a whole. Yall are guaranteed my money. p.s.- "MAKE THIS THE SICKEST GTA EVER TO COME OUT AND LETS BLOW AWAY COD IIBLACKOPS, LETS SELL 10-20MILLION COPIES FIRST DAY" WOOO!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Mad Dooby Rockstar Support Michael S. Last Edit:August 30th 2012 Editor/Writer: Mason Dube (The Mad Dooby) Anthony F. Kris D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What the fuck! I think I will make that my sig also/
  11. wtf a minigun?! we can only imagine the available arsenal we will have.
  12. first thing for me is to explore the desert and see how far I can go, maybe take the trip online with some friends.
  13. well given that this is not texas, and we are not going to be stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere, there should be no reasons for cops to carry an ak as opposed to an m4, or a s&w revolver as opposed to an automatic gun, or a double barrel shotgun as opposed to a regular pump action shotgun. the cops will most likely have the same weapons in every district, now for the dog part..... I agree with you.