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  1. I could do it. I would be responsible.
  2. Psy's Business Model 1. Make Stoic moderator 2. ??? 3. Profit
  3. CJ isn't a celebrity, he's a character voiced by one. From viewing your other posts, I'm not sure if you're being serious or a master troll... I'm talking about CJ Spiller, you dumb mook. Just because he is black and ganster as fuck doesn't mean I am talking about a stupid video game character. Tee-hee. You're so cute.
  4. Glad I logged in this morning. I love shitting in people's cereal!
  5. I did a fair bit of exploring before I started questing and now I find myself going back to places that I've already cleared for missions. Basically, I am going through the same dungeons to find one new item on a mission instead of just exploring.
  6. No, those are all my favorites. Oops, forgot Nicki Minaj.
  7. I do not agree with plastic surgery in GTAV. You body is a gift from Jesus, even a videogame body.
  8. We should change this topic to which celebrities we would LIKE to see in GTAV. I would like to see: Hulk Hogan Ke$ha Nick Hogan Lauren Conrad Brooke Hogan Simon Cowell The Queen of England Piers Morgan Larry King Casey Anthony King Tut Red Hot Chili Peppers CJ (from San Andreas) Fingerless Gloves Ludacris
  9. Leave it to a woman to put in her two cents when no one fucking asked for it. Next time, you get slapped. I haven't been paying much attention to the GTAV forums. I HATE the ramblings of these proud americans who stake their claim why CJ will be back; why the protagonist is the guy from the balcony!; FINGERLESS gloves; so I have been avoiding the whole GTAV speculation threads. I figured with the new game coming out; these new members will grow like tadpoles in the threads into mighty frogs, that I can play frog baseball with, metaphorically. Maybe I need to start patrolling the GTAV threads again; no one can kill a shitty thread like I can. I'd like to apply for moderator immunity while I ethnically cleanse the forums of gypsies, proud americans, and other undesirables killing the common sense on this site. I don't want to risk increasing my Warn % before the fucking game even comes out.
  10. Fuck off? I read the journals too, usually have something to do with the quest at hand and are always interesting.
  11. I thought there was an app you could download for your e-reader that has every book in the game that you can actually sit and read when you're away from the game. I'll look around for it. I only read the books that have a value of 50+ as they are usually training books. I also take those and sell them. Other books I skim through, I've maybe read six or seven of them through; but I've read bits and pieces of hundreds. My game file is nearing the 150 hour mark. Sheesh.
  12. The answer to both your questions are: you are the DRAGONBORN. No matter your race, most characters treat you like shit the first time they meet you and the guards don't cut anyone any slack when it comes to fucking about. Your character is unique and while they could be any race; they're not always going to be trusted by their race. Your character is destined for greatness, not to be a Thalmor (that's elven for TOTAL proud american). And even if you are a mangy cat person, you still have the potential to be a hero of the people and change Tamriel's perception of your pussy self. Or you could just be bitter and fucking kill everyone. Also, you can't marry a Khajit in the game. And the lizard women have tits... to breastfeed? I played for a few hours last night. I waste WAY too much time selling weapons and all that business shit. Almost to 100,000 septims though. I'm also officially a master thief. I don't need the Thieves' Guild approval, I've stolen all their shit and pickpocketed most of them.
  13. My next character I will focus on the enchanting and alchemy general perks to increase the quality of the product. Same with Smithing. The bonuses are nice, but the increase in the % make the biggest difference in the long run.
  14. I feel like this thread has taken a recent shit. None the less, I am still playing. I spent an entire night the other day just reforging, reupgrading and reenchanting all my weapons and armor; because I realized you could NAME them when enchanting them. How did I miss this before? I alphabetized all my armor and rings/necklaces so it's like "alchemy ring, alchemy necklace, alchemy gauntlets". The other armor categories are Magicka Regen, Haggling, "Carry Shit" and Smithing and all the necessary armor for each category. With my "Carry Shit" armor (boots, gauntlets, ring and necklace) I can carry an additional 120 lbs. of shit back with me, on top of my high stamina. I also have the "SCUBA Ring" which is for waterbreathing (a ring? ohhkay). My Haggling armor is "Jew Ring" and "Jew Necklace". I also alphabetized my weapons by naming them "Bow of..." or "Sword of...". Soul Bow is "Bow of Go Fuck Yourself". Fire Bow is "Bow of Satan's Semen". Ice Bow is "Bow of Hard Nipples", etc. It took a lot of waiting around for supplies for all my glass armor and weapons. I used this time to create potions and boost my alchemy and increase my money. After selling off my "unnamed" weapons and manipulating the market place by creating baller potions, selling them off for everything else and then selling off everything else to everyone else, I made a FUCKTON of money. I probably will still keep opening Burial Urns for the three gold inside. Got the night off and the wife is going out with her friends. SKYRIM-HO!
  15. Bones, don't rush it. Follow your path. It's not about keeping up with some chick (who is probably a dood) on the forums. There are a lot of good strategies and experiences listed here, but have your own and be open to finding things. And for god sake, walk everywhere and explore everything.
  16. Of course it can. That thread is full of noobs, I don't want anything to do with it. Speaking of which, the Throw Voice shout is totally fucking useless. They can hear the voice you project, yes, but they also hear your whisper so after they realised that generic rock wall isn't the source, they come straight for you. Yeah, I last night I went to Shearpoint and finally killed that bastard Krosis and got the Whisper Shout. I got found out immediately each time. I'll stick to plinking arrows off the walls or distracting them with a ghost wolf. I got the Rose of Sanguine or whatever last night. It was a pretty good quest, very reminiscent of a recent Hollywood movie where the characters drank too much. Now I can summon up a Daedra to help kill whatever I need to. Pretty freaking awesome.
  17. The enchanting potions and blacksmith potions are great for getting that extra bit of power when creating or crafting weapons. I keep them and Ultimate Healing/Magicka and Stamina only, but I pick up any potion I find.
  18. Does siding with the Stormcloaks or the Imperials affect your standing in Imperial cities? I'm debating on whether or not to join sides because I don't want to fuck up my good standing in Whiterun.
  19. I'm not a huge fan of the hackin' and slashin'. It's certainly improved in Skyrim from Oblivion. I use my swords just as much as my bow, but for different situations. I've improved my one-handed enough to be able to lop people's heads off. It's such a beautiful finishing move and I get no greater pleasure than placing their head on a plate, in a pot, in a fire, on someone's bed, in the river, on their own crotch, etc. I'm not sure if there is a stat for the number of decapitations, but if there is - I'm guessing I am upwards of 40. I don't bother with War Axes or Maces, just blades. Perhaps my next character will use more blunt objects.
  20. I only have one character. I imagine one day I will play another, but maybe not. My guy is a Nord with a shaved head and a big bushy brown beard. I was going for the whole wizardly look, but I was very dismayed when I learned there wasn't a floppy wizard hat. I wish I could change up his face, but instead I just keep a Dragon Priest Mask on him - except when he's wearing a circlet or helmet with an enchantment for smithing/alchemy/pickpocketing/etc and I am forced to look at my ugly ass. I guess he's damn handsome for a Nord, so fuck it. I think my next character might be a hella evil Khajiit - I really liked the character models for them, but I didn't wanted to get treated like a two-headed jew by the NPC's. I didn't really get to play over the Christmas break, but I did get to play last night (1245-315AM) when I got home from traveling. I finally got my enchanting skill to 100. I think now my speech, enchanting and smithing skills are all at 100. I'm trying to focus on my alchemy in the meantime. I finally invested in the perk that allowed me to create the dragon armor. I wish there was like a dragon sword I could make, but the armor is pretty bad ass. My character focuses on light armor, but I use the heavy armor gauntlets and boots for looking fucking awesome. I had saved 20+ dragons worth of Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales, so I crafted a ton of armor, made it, upgraded it, and then enchanted it (set for smithing, set for alchemy, set for magicka, etc.) I spent most of last night crafting armor and jewelry to enchant with different powers; I bought a bunch of cheaper and useful enchanted items in the stores of Whiterun and de-enchanted them in Dragonsreach to level up my enchanting skills. I also made a shit-ton of money. Speaking of shit-tons of money, if you focus on alchemy at all; here are the money makers and their ingredients. I never have to work again thanks to these handy recipes: Damage Magicka Regen: Bear claws, Blue Butterfly Wing, Blue Mountain Flower, Chickens Egg, Glow Dust, Hanging Moss, Nightshade, Spider Egg, Spriggan Sap Damage Stamina Regen: Creep cluster, Frost Mirriam, Histcarp, Juniper Berries, Large Antlers, Silverside Perch, Skeever Tail, Wheat Invisibility: Chaurus Eggs, Nirnroot, Ice Wraith Teeth, Luna Moth Wing, Vampire Dust Paralysis: Briar Heart, Canis Root, Imp Stool, Swamp Fungal Pod See above, invisibility is for selling, not for using. Change your Stone to something more beneficial like the lockpick one. It's actually pretty realistic I would say. An enemy NPC sees one of his friends get killed by an arrow, they are going to start searching you out. Even if you're 100 level sneak, you're not going to be invisible while standing in plain site. I don't have any problems taking people/creatures out, even in large quantities as I use cover - including the cover of darkness to hide. In a cave, all you have to do is find the darkest corner and just take everyone out. I've had people walk right up to me, unable to see me crouching there, then I just put an arrow in their dick. Also, if you're a serious archer/thief and you don't have the Deadly Aim sneak perk, for three times the damage with a bow, tsk, tsk. But you are right to carry another weapon. As an archer/thief myself, I am also notorious for creeping right up on someone and cutting their fucking throat with my glass dagger with the soul trap. If you increase your sneak skill enough, you can execute a roll when in sneak mode and come out of the somersault into an assassination. I'm deadlier than the guys from Assassin's Creed. I carry two bows, one elven and one glass. One has burning capabilities and one has a soul trap. I also carry an elven sword and a glass sword. One has freezing capabilities, the other has burning ones. I also have my glass dagger for close combat soul cleanup. None of my weapons are bought from the stores or found on a quest, they are all hand-forged, upgraded and enchanted by yours truly. Same as my armor. I'm only using dwarven arrows and up. I also have a ring for archery. Usually no one walks away from the business end of my arrow and their friends should spend less time looking for me and spend more time trying to get the fuck out of there before I put an arrow in their dick too. Ha, "Pro-tip". Suck Massacre's balls. Oh yeah, I also reached level 50 last night. That was the last thing I did before shutting down for the night/wee hours of the morning. Wife is out of town and I have the house to myself tonight. Sounds like I might need to pick up a few red bulls for tonight.