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  1. I want the fucking bow and arrow deal he is using. He's deadly accurate.
  2. I'm getting the Hearthguard deal. I like the aspect of it and I'll use it when I start my new game that I have been building up to playing. Plus $5 isn't shit to me, all you poor motherfuckers - I feel bad for you.
  3. I agree with OPx in that this is not a realistic idea for a game at all. It's also the dumbest business strategy as well. I wouldn't spend $180 on three games of basically the same shit, go here, kill them, blow them up, etc. released in a 9 month window; just for a change in scenery. "No, bro, you'd be in LV and it would be a continuation of the game". Yes, that's called a fucking sequel. "Okay, well it would be like an expansion, on another disc that you can play with the original game, but you have to have the new disc to download it." Disc-DLC of enormous size, sure I guess that's possible, but you're charging full retail price? No thanks, I'll play something else. You're basically asking if we will keep buying GTA games if they are released? Or is there some stupid parameter I am missing.
  4. My favorite part of the Railway Rifle was trying to locate the dislocated limbs/heads.
  5. 3604LYFE! I opted for the 360 over the PS3 when upgrading from my PS2 based on the games available at the time. I went next-gen for GTAIV and got my console a month or two before GTAIV was released. I'm very happy with the 360 (even after one life-shattering RROD that was easily warrantied), but I wish I had a PS3 back in the GTAIV days to play with everyone on the site back in the heyday of the site. I've enjoyed the Halo series on the 360 which I had never played before owning a 360 and have enjoyed the DLC hookup on the Fallout games ahead of the PS3. It seems crazy, but I would have torn my eyes out waiting even longer for the Fallout 3 DLC, especially the Broken Steel DLC.
  6. I think we are about to experience an outpouring of GTA and these screens are just the tip of the penis iceberg.
  7. Just finished OWB this morning; or tried to. My game froze at the end of the story when it's recapping what happens to all the robots, lightswitches and sinks. The achievement didn't pop, the game just locked up - the music was still playing, but I couldn't do anything with the controller. And I had to go to work. Hopefully, I can just retry it from the last autosave; which at worst is when I am coming back to confront the Think Tank.
  8. I am interested in checking out this game, but I'll wait until it's $20-30. Never played any of the True Crime games, but I am sucker for kung-fu and asian chicks.
  9. I just started watching last night - I knocked out four episodes last night. I'm hooked. When this aired on AMC, did they say fuck?
  10. I am loving SR3 so much more than SR2. I am in the second act, but have knocked out most of the activities aside from Heli Assault (stuck on the hard one), Trafficking and Snatch. I still have all of the assassinations to do and the car stealing. I figure I will get to that after I knock out most of the story. I bought the season pass for the DLC for like $8, which is the cost of one of the DLC packs - I finally downloaded the Genki Bowl last night, but haven't gotten to it. I heard most of the DLC packs blow but I am enjoying the game plenty and don't expect too much. I probably won't mess with that until later, although I do want the mascot costumes from the Genki Bowl DLC, so I might go ahead and knock them out. The Prof. Genki activities were my favorite in the game so far.
  11. I'll try and snap a shot of my current guy later tonight. I played for a few hours last night; got the big tower hideout as far as missions go - spent most of my time driving around trying to lose gang heat. After spending a good amount of time getting my ass kicked, I figured it was time to concentrate on the upgrades available. So now I am focusing on the missions first. I really got sucked into the game, glad I picked this up.
  12. Yeah, while some of the packs sound interesting, I think I will just go with what's on the disc for now. The Shark Attack looked fun, but everything appears to be a one hit wonder. As far as the big DLC packs, I will probably end up getting all of them (provided I like the main game enough) just because I am a nasty achievement whore.
  13. I received my copy today and was looking at some of the DLC packs for the game. Anything you would recommend like the Shark Attack Pack or anything while getting started?
  14. Okay, this game is on it's way to me!