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  1. I downloaded the DLC on Tuesday, but I haven't had the time to play it. I haven't even booted Skyrim up in months, even to mess with the Kinect features I bought the fucking Kinect for. Right now I am knuckle deep in Lollipop Chainsaw.
  2. Waiting for this to show up in the download queue.
  3. I played some AC: Rev this weekend and got into the later part of the plot. I had stopped playing for awhile after getting tired of collecting books and upgrading Assassin's Dens. I started with the Desmond memory sequences, which felt like a portal ripoff. It was kind of fun, but also pretty annoying, quick. I did two of those before getting tired of that shit, I guess I will finish them up eventually. I got back into the Ezio storyline and the missions started getting pretty good. Granted, I was still collecting books and keys; but the tombs to retrieve the Masayaf keys were a good mix of puzzle and platforming. The one where the guys were in the boat in the cavern was epic. I've also really enjoyed the Altaiir storyline; even as an old, old man, he is still the shit.
  4. I'm going to buy Dawnguard, and just sit on it. I have too much other shit going on right now.
  5. - MineCraft Lego Anyway, I am probably not going to start a new level - there is plenty of places to explore in my existing land. I will just leave my current castle and tunnels as a backup.
  6. I spent all of last night connecting a series of tunnels that rival that of the Vietcong. I've done so much in my first world, but I am ready to start fresh with all my knowledge. I just hate that there is a series of caverns calling my name and I won't be able to move on until I see what the fuck is down there.
  7. Okay, I know I am superfuckinglate to the party, but I downloaded this on Xbox last night and played from 7PM to about 4AM non-fucking stop.
  8. ---------- just watched both videos again... sweet jesus fucking christ, this game is gonna rule this fall... i think CoD is gonna see much closer competition this year... AC isn't afraid to release alongside "the avengers" of the video game industry... and i think they're gonna get closer than ever, perhaps even surpass it since a lot of people seem to be confused about black ops 2... It's not even a competition to me. Each year, I've been the guy in line for AC when everyone else was there to get their COD.
  9. I saw an article on Kotaku, which basically said the same thing as the OP. But it was just a rumor. Until Rockstar comes out and gives a release date, I wish everyone would just shove their ideas back up their assholes.
  10. It's called STEALTH, MOTHERFUCKER. And yes.
  11. RDJr was the best part of the Avengers Movie. I could do without all the other characters, tbh. I did enjoy the movie very much, however it could have been better by everyone gangbanging Scarlett Johansen.
  12. Too big for me. I can't even imagine or bother or bother to imagine.
  13. I was given this name in a "Let me name you" contest someone ran. I can't remember the user's name, but I can picture his avatar.
  14. Ah fuck, I am still trying to kick the habit. I have quit smoking in my personal time, but I am still smoking before work and at lunch.
  15. Ha! I love Bethesda's 360 favoring. No offense to the PS3'ers - I just went through a tough time deciding on PS3 or 360 when I got my next-gen console. I feel like I got the shaft with everyone on here playing GTAIV on PS3 together, but I got the DLC for Fallout 3, New Vegas and soon Skyrim all first. MWAAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is all.
  16. I am acquiring a Kinect today and I will be shouting all night long.
  17. There is an achievement for this in Assassin's Creed Revelations. Also one for poisoning ten guards at a time - aptly called "Mosh Pit". I've enjoyed replaying the missions too. I keep 50%ing most missions the first time because I fuck up something simple instead of using a well placed bomb, or couple of bombs. Cherry bomb followed by a Splinter Bomb can clear a room of 5-10 enemies.
  18. The bombs all provide great diversions in the missions. They're almost excess - but are still pretty welcomed. I don't use them that often, but they often help in saving ammo or wiping out a group of guards no problem.
  19. That may be because of the evolution of the game, not necessarily the character. My favourite Ezio was the one in Brotherhood, when he had a beard but he didn't look so old. But I agree, the animations and technical stuff was better in Revelations which is no surprise, as that's what you would expect since the game came out after ACII and ACB. Hey, dickhead - I know what I meant. I've played the other games, I liked my Raiden Ezio when I was playing Brotherhood and was reluctant to the older Ezio in Revelations. Now I like the older Ezio better. I think the gameplay is improved from Brotherhood. My favorite bomb has to be the blood bomb with the British powder; just watching it splash over everyone is the greatest.
  20. I've been playing Revelations for awhile now and I have to say old Ezio is the best. Best fighting, greatest kill animations, and the hookblade is great. I like the ziplining bit to get around.
  21. Just looking at my collection; Rockstar, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft Games, Take-Two
  22. Whoa, Handsome, great tits in your avatar image. Do they have a name?
  23. Skyrim or Fallout and I will be happy. If it's RAGE, I will do just that.