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  1. DAMMIT GRANDMA! Go buy yourself a copy now and then save your receipt and return the copy she gives you at Christmas. It's like she's giving you the gift early. Thanks Grams! I read a Kotaku article the day Skyrim came out about people putting baskets on NPC's heads to allow stealing without consequence. Naturally, I had to try this - and do it to everyone I encountered, whether or not they had anything worth stealing. I started just collecting baskets in my inventory and when I meet someone new, put a basket on their head. I came back to the first city after a mission or two and there were still NPC's walking around with their baskets intact. They seem to fall off if they go to sleep or bend over too far, but if they're just walking around, they seem to keep wearing them around.
  2. Bones, go out and pick this shit up and kiss the Wastelands goodbye. I started playing yesterday after getting home from work and got a good hour or so in before I had to go back to work. I had just enough time to get through the tutorial level, but I might have rushed it a little. I didn't get to explore every nook and cranny; but I think there is a sense of urgency in the tutorial that doesn't really encourage exploration, plus there wasn't anything worth finding. I spent the majority of the time trying to decide if I was going to be a man-cat, a lizard man or just a man-man. Ever since my halloween costume, I've wanted to be a rapping wizard. So I went with the man - Nord, I think. He's got a shaved head and a full beard (ever wizard has to have a beard). He's also got an milky eye like the guy in the curio shop in Gremlins. I was AMAZED at the level of customization for the characters, especially with the lizardmen and mancats. The graphics are incredibly improved and the various character models are insane! I hated how everyone in Oblivion looked like a mongloid, no matter the race. The lizards and cats were the only decent looking ones, and they still looked like shit. In Skyrim, I was able to create a human character that didn't look like he was retarded. Instead, he's a badass fucking wizard. Or he will be. By the time I completed the tutorial, I had to go to work - so I climbed to a small peak and saved. I didn't get to play again last night after I got home, too tired - but I did wake up at 3AM and just decided to stay up and pick my game back up. I had about four hours to play before I had to get ready to go back to work again. I played through the first few quests, go here, see this person, get some more missions. I'm trying to pay more attention this time around to the locations and names so I don't feel so lost. I guess feeling lost is part of the game, like stepping into the Wasteland for the first time - only this isn't DC or Vegas where you can look for familiar sights - it's only mountains, trees and snow! I tried to stick to the first few missions to gain some experience, weaponry and gold - but it wasn't long before I was swimming up and down the river collecting salmon. Later on, I came to a farm where this lady will pay you to harvest her crops. So I did that for a while. I tried hunting the few stags that I came across, but I kept getting too impatient and chasing them off. Right now, I am a much better butterfly hunter. I have like 20 pairs of butterfly wings. Hopefully when I get a better bow, things will change. The menus are so much easier to navigate as well, even better than the Pip Boy 3000. I like being able to cue up my favorite weapons, spells, etc. and just pull them up in game - without having to navigate the menu. This will be huge later on. It's like hot-keying, only you can select from a list and it pauses the action for you. I have my healing spells, bow and arrow, fire spells and battle axe all ready to go. The menus are pretty easy to navigate otherwise, the map is two button presses away, same as items, upgrades and magic. Buying and selling is a lot like Fallout, but again - a lot cleaner and not on a Pip-Boy. The upgrade system is pretty crazy too. I like it much better than Oblivion - whatever you do, you upgrade that skill set. Upgrading your skill sets levels you up. I was walking around in crouch and I was upgrading my sneak ability. Using bows and arrows increases your archery. Using magic increases your penis size. When you level up, you can assign a "point" to one of the 15-something branches of character customization. There are branches for destructive magic, healing magic, sword play, stamina - basically everything you would use to develop your character and basically lets you "control their stars" by customizing what perks or abilities they have. I'm going to try and focus on magic, some light sword play and archery. Crafting seems to be pretty well orchestrated too - you can make a ton of shit. In the blacksmith shop, you can sharpen your weapons, craft weapons, tan leather and make leather strips. Over the fire, you can make meals based on the foods you find. I've found a ton of vegetables in the game so far and have cooked a ton of stuff. I could open a Salmon Steak and Cabbage Soup restaurant. I like the cooking better than in Fallout. Real world ingredients make more sense to me than using all the chemicals and shit. There are also tables for alchemy and enchanting weapons. I only got a brief introduction to those, but I am sure I will become better versed in the time to come. I really like it so far. Very addicting, very in depth. Everything is laid out very well. The action is great and once you get a hang of the combat system, it's a lot of fun. I like the ability to dual wield a weapon and magic. I'm only getting started, I know there are people WAY ahead of me - just wanted to share my experiences and tell bones to just go get the fucking game. You'll love it.
  3. My copy is waiting for me at my house. Might pull an all-nighter. My copy is waiting for me at my house. Longest... day... ever.
  4. I'm still playing Saint's Row 2, it's kind of gripped my attention lately. I haven't played much else. I will probably play SR3, but only I'm finished with all the nut shots, diversions, and missions I have to do in SR2. So, not for a long time.
  5. I'm still in the beginning, just getting outside the Think Tank for the first time.
  6. I've watched this show religiously since I realized it was on FX. I started watching mid-third season. Last week's episode had the greatest moment in all of It's Always Sunny history - when Dennis meets Jackie Denardo and Heart's "Alone" starts playing. Greatest. Shit. Ever. Dennis: This Jackie Denardo chick...she's sparked another storm inside me if you know what I mean.[/left] [/left]
  7. Dooby, I am still in OWB. I've been on a Fallout hiatus lately. I gotta get back into it.
  8. There were a couple of spin offs - Band Camp and Naked Mile that were all sold on the promise of tits and retarded storylines. The first one was good, the second one was mildly funny, the third one was terrible.
  9. It wasn't a prophecy. When was GTAIV announced? If they are keeping with the April release date - they're right on fucking schedule. I bet the release date will be announced in January, just like GTAIV. The only difference this time is they aren't going to miss the projected release date like they did with GTAIV - they've planned much better this time. This game is all set for the classic Rockstar late April/early May release date 2012.
  10. Are we sure this isn't the Russians getting us back for that whole secret operations thing?
  11. Indy, let me know if you get SR2 - I just got back into it and it would be a blast in co-op with someone who isn't a complete twit.
  12. I'm with Massy - not buying shit until 2015. Fuck, I'll be playing Skyrim until then.
  13. I'm glad you remembered I hated Oblivion. I was debating on picking it back up and suffering through it, but I remember the whole leveling bullshit and decided against it. Hopefully Skyrim will be devoid of that dreaded leveling system and I can once again fulfill my fantasy of being a cat man with a sword.
  14. We used to have a thread about the Walking Dead, but I cannot locate it and I will be damned if I am going back to the old site to retrieve it. Anyway, the Walking Dead is zombie show on AMC that has special effects as gruesome as some of the actors "acting". Regardless, it's entertaining and mindnumbing at the same time. The new season started last night and it was typical Walking Dead episode - drawn out and suspenseful. Someone ought to bitch slap the director for his pacing. Anyway, I know a few people here watched the show last season and may or may not have watched it last night. If you missed it, it will be on all week and all month as AMC is whoring the hell out of Halloween with Fright Fest or whatever the fuck it's called. I'll post my review of last night's episode in a bit. Chime in if you saw last night's episode.
  15. I want this, but I want to be able to devote myself to it wholly. I'll probably wait until early next year to pick it up - January or February, fuck - probably as soon as the price drops.
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    Wellsprings = Goodsprings?
  18. Yeah, I ran into the same thing with Harper's Shack - shitton of Deathclaws (4-5 including the young ones) coming down from the cave. I cleared the cave out and haven't seen many other than a few that random respawn from time to time in between the cave and the shack. I'm liking Bradley's Shack for the atmosphere. It's got the rigged shotgun trap, the target dummy and the sandbagged bed. Perfect little survivor's crib. I've got an assortment of weaponry lying around for aesthetic purposes. Outside, I've laid a landmine field that the Bosnians would be proud of for any randomly spawning Jackals or Legion Assassin's. It expands all the way to Caesar's safehouse and is a mix of frag and plasma, spread out enough so I don't have a huge chain reaction, yet effective enough to fuck someone up if they try to raid my shit or sell me life insurance door-to-door.
  19. I forgot you could have two followers. I've only been using ED-E recently.