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  1. Still in the preliminary stages of OWB - yesterday I smoked two blunts while talking to robots in the Think Tank and finally ventured out into Big MT. I have no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about.
  2. I read all of your spoilers. So, ha.
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    Reviewers have been shitting all over this game. Glad to hear you like it though. I'll still hold off, not because of reviews - because of cash flow.
  4. I think that whole area is Freeside Karma man. Depending on what you did with the Kings, the twins, and the Followers of the Apocalypse. I bet you can still fix this problem. I killed the Van Graffs after going through their missions up until they want you to kill Cass, then I played the Crimson Caravan lady against them and snuck in and stole both notes from both sides (Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs), for the evidence. I didn't let Cass kill the CC lady, and then I killed the Van Graffs. I also did a shitton of missions for the Kings, the Followers, (including side rescue missions) and the missions for the twins at the casino bar across the street from the Van Graffs. Also I did the NCR lesbian's mission (raped by Cook-Cook) to get her hooked up with Dr.Usanagi for treatment, who is friends with the Followers doctor lady. All that shit must add up to good Freeside karma, I am guessing. The Katana has interesting points, and it's reminiscent of Vice City, but in my thinking it's not worth killing Mick and Ralph. Besides, they got bOnEs' hula girl music firing off in the front of their store. Course that will still be there if they dead. Yeah, I already got the Katana from the Gun Runners, so I'm not really sweating it. They're fucking dead meat. I followed the same path as you, just haven't done as much with the Followers - so I could possibly repair that bond, but it's not worth it on this save file. It's all about the final kill. The robot/deathclaw/cazadores challenges can all be completed by using one of the weapons as the KILL weapon. I've been disabling Deathclaw legs with guns and then heaving dynamite at them, while running away. That challenge is in the bag. ===============================================================================
  5. I figured out I am totally fucked as far as Mick and Ralph's go. I paid the dude at the Atomic Wrangler to raise my standing in Freeside, but I'm still listed as a DARK HERO and everyone hates my dick. Probably because I killed the Van Graffs, I guess they were tight with Mick and Ralph. I might go back and kill Mick and Ralph off, fuck them. Anyway, I found the Katana at the Gun Runner's finally. It was like a week or two in game before it showed up there. I had already bought the upgrades ahead of time so I was very pleased to see it for sale. I had been checking with Chet in Novac, Alexander at the 188 and the Gun Runners every couple of days and it randomly appeared. I like it - not just for the extra move in Vats (which is almost a guaranteed kill for most humans) but if you hold down the attack button, you can attack from afar with a like running attack. Not only is it affective in real time fighting, I've also used it to avoid some DeathClaw attacks, although it isn't very affective against a Deathclaw. Like Synch, I have been funding my GRA purchases by killing off the Legion Assassin's, then selling all their shit after combining/fixing it all up. Most of their weapons go for an easy 1500 before being fixed up. I'm back to the +50,000 cap mark. I won't be getting RAGE until probably some time next year. I'm way too overwhelmed with my backlog for it to already be the holiday season!
  6. Thanks, I just purchased OWB and it's in my queue for download as soon as I get home.
  7. I didn't get into Old World Blues last night, but I did get the achievements for Melee, Energy Weapons, Using the GRA weapons, and The Sasparilla Cap Challenge - or whatever. I watched the trailer for OWB at work yesterday and caught this little gem: Please tell me this is a helmet I can wear. If not, what about the space suit? Somehow I didn't get one from the Rocket factory...
  8. Is anybody playing in Hardcore mode? I'm thinking about a Hardcore playthrough, mostly because I am hardcore.
  9. Hmm, found out how to track my challenges - Pull up Pip Boy, Go to Data - Misc - Press Y (or Triangle) then press X (or square) to sort from there. Everyone probably already knew that - but I had no fucking idea. Anyway, you can use the above process to track the new GRA challenges and achievements. Eh, I'm not much of a crafter - my next playthrough will focus on being more of a survivalist.
  10. I didn't know you lived in Tampa. We should fight to the death.
  11. Well, I'm fucking broke again. Before I downloaded the GRA pack, I had over 100,000 caps and when I signed off last night, I was somewhere around 33,000. I ended up picking up the Bozar for something like 23,000+ caps; got the GRA chainsaw and all of it's upgrades and it is amazing. I was fucking up Super Mutants with it like they were made of paper mache'. I got the hunting pistol because I thought it would be an effective gun - it turned out not to be. I also lost a shitton of caps by buying it, using it, realizing it's shit and then getting fucked on a 50% resale value to the same fucking robot. If I could come through that glass, I would, Vendortron. I also swapped out all of my regular 40mm grenades for Plasma, Pulse, and Incendiary upgraded versions (which is where I think most of my caps went). I also did this with 12 gauge rounds. I think I will end up selling it all back as I don't really need 1000 pulse slugs. Fuck, I don't even really need a shotgun. I knocked out a bunch of the challenges for the Gun Runners. I couldn't find any listing of them in the game, so I checked the Fallout Wiki and spent the night blowing through the one star and two star challenges. I spent a ton of money making sure I had the guns/caps for the challenge. I also created a couple of saves to go back to after doing some unspeakable acts (shooting up the White Glove Society, killing Mr. House with a 9 Iron a la Bioshock) just to nab the achievements. I ended up getting the achievements for the one star and two star challenges. Some of the challenges are a lot of fun - like taking out the feral ghouls with the religious weapons and disabling right arms with shotguns. I wasted a shitton of 5.56 ammo taking out the Supermutants on Black Mountain - until I realized you only have to use the specific gun in the challenge to finish them off, not the whole fight. So I spent the rest of the time making it rain plasma grenades from my Thump Thump on the Super Muties before blowing their brains out with a few 5.56 Hollow Points. I ended up getting an achievement similar to Synch's, but for using unique weapons, like the Thump Thump and Maria (which I had used on all the Feral Ghouls). I took a look at the three star challenges and they look to be a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. There's one for killing Deathclaws with boxing tape. One for killing named Legion and NCR people. One for killing robots with brass knuckles and lead pipes. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. I've been wanting to wipe out the NCR and the Securitrons around the Strip. I'll probably save beforehand so as not to disrupt my standing in the wasteland. I spent a good part of the night looking for the fucking katana. I even googled it IRL, but couldn't find a solid answer. Some thread had me go to Mick and Ralph's, but for some reason, those cunts won't sell to me. I ask to see their inventory and nothing happens. I'm thinking about killing them. I hope it's not the Van Graff's either, because I killed them. I checked Gun Runners, Chet @ Novac, Alexander at 188 - but could only find the upgrades, no katana. I spent the rest of the night "cleaning out" my Presidential Suite, I sold most of the excess shit I had been collecting like toasters, egg timers, etc. I had so many piles of them and most of them were one item - grouped with like 10-20 items in them (like if you drop 20 of one item, it only drops one physical item. I had over 3000 Dino Toys and hundreds of trophies like radscorpion poison glands, gecko eggs, calazador poison glands, whatever I was hoarding. I sold them all for upgraded ammo and new guns. I moved the unique weapons that were on display to the BoS Safehouse - where they are all laid out on the cots and shelves according to type (guns, melee, unarmed, etc.) and the lockers are stocked with all the unique clothing I've accumulated and hung on to. I also briefly went back to Zion to scrounge for anything and kill anyone left there, but there was NOTHING. No bighorn, no NPC's, nothing. I guess it's because I evacuate Zion, but what a waste. I found a few of the survival packs and found a shitton of all the plants that grow there, but I just stashed all of that in the empty grave at the north passage. I finally found the alien blaster after leaving the North Passage, so the whole trip wasn't a total waste. After that I went to bed. It was like 330AM.
  12. I live in Tampa, FL. It's hot and muggy. There are beaches and strip clubs that are close. There are also theme parks with roller coasters and waterslides. There are lots of black people and hispanics so it is easy to find drugs. Orlando is close and there are more theme parks and waterslides there, Pieface once worked as a tourist in Orlando where he was sodomized by Mickey Mouse.
  13. Speaking of pads - where is everybody setup at? Any incidental residences worth checking out? I like the B.O.S. safehouse for it's massive storage capabilities, above ground and below. I'll do this as well if I can remember. I spend as much time playing the game as I do trying to place shit nicely in my house.
  14. Yeah, I just spent the last hour going over the new weapons. Needless to say, there area already a shitton of weapons in this game; if you're like me, you have to go through your inventory and decide between two versions of a shotgun, rifle, melee, etc. As of right now I am really only carrying unique weapons; but even now; I'm getting doubles of those. Most of my weapons end up on display in one of my cribs, my biggest stockpile of random weapons is in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker. Probably end up selling most of them for some badass GRA ones. Really looking forward to the GR Chainsaw (the regular one just isn't gruesome enough) and the Katana. The variants of shotgun and 40mm grenade ammo is very promising as well. I'm getting it mostly for the achievements - whenever they're picked up by Plus, the challenges look like a ton of fun.
  15. I know I am WAY behind everyone else, but I just finished Honest Hearts last night. I'll be getting Old World Blues here shortly and continue on... I need to start a few more profiles - one for hardcore and one for mop-up achievements (mainly the follower achievements - FUCK YOU veronica) and the Caesar ending quests - I think I deleted my save file where I could have gone to Caesar's side. Dammit. Anyway, I figured I'd better finish all the DLC's before starting another save profile and getting myself lost in the game again. Last night I totally lost track of time and ended up playing from like 10-230AM only getting up once to let the dogs out and smoke a blunt. Does anyone know if the HELIOS "That Lucky Old Sun" XP Glitch still works? I'll use that exploit if possible to shorten both achievement whoring escapades. As for my first save file, I'd like to stay in New Vegas forever - keep on playing and playing and accumulating shit. My Presidential Suite looks like an episode of hoarders - stock piles of dinosaurs, guns, cameras, toasters ,all sorts of shit, bath tubs full of different currencies; pre-war money, bottle caps, etc. My kitchen is overflowing with foodstuffs - the world could end again and I would be just fine. I read in the Fallout Wiki about Seymour - I can't watch that episode of Futurama without sobbing like a bitch.
  16. bones - haven't gotten to the burned man as my companion. i'll keep you posted. I have completed all of the vaults, that was one of the things I wrapped up while playing the past couple of days. I'll definitely be picking up OWB.
  17. I posted this back in the dizzay. Good stuff. On a side note; I got back into playing New Vegas recently after taking a brief hiatus and playing some other games. I downloaded Honest Hearts, but spent two straight days just taking care of unresolved shit in the Mojave; exploring Vaults, becoming a member of the BoS - why hadn't I done that sooner? I'm level 36 for chrissake. There are still a ton of places in the wasteland I need to check out and explore; so I'll be doing that for awhile, I'm hooked again. I started Honest Hearts, and I'm not blown away or anything. It's a nice change of scenery and the story is okay so far. Lots of religious references that I could care less about, but everything appears to be building up to a lot of killing; so I'm down. I FUCKING love the Tomahawk. I hate that I can't pull them out of the dead people I fling them into. I would get rid of every gun I have for endless Tomahawks. I also like the War Club. Nothing better than a horse-shaped blunt object to pound people to death with. I hated the first companion; that stupid indian almost killed all the fucking bighorn after telling me not to. I just met up with the second one, and she looks like a fucking idiot, too. Woot. I'll probably pick up Old World Blues soon after completing Honest Hearts, or whenever I get to Level 40; whichever comes first. Lonesome Road should be out about the time I'm done with all of that.
  18. Wow, this is pretty great. I've only played Sims 3 on the 360 - I only play Angry Birds on my computer.
  19. You can come to my house and play if you want, chav.
  20. I need to get back in this. I haven't played since beating the Sierra Madre. Which DLC packs are currently out?
  21. I'm all over this shit. I fucking LOVE Assassin's Creed, probably more than GTA. I've beat all three of the past games and collected most of the shit and extra blah blah. I'm excited about Revelations, but this shit needs to end soon.