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  1. Clock change ftw - I shall defo be there people. Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces and hearing your Halloween voices ☺️ Also I played Inferno with emz wnd Ghost a new transformer race and it’s really good for a Halloween theme, green sky, scary music and lots of fire etc. May be worth adding it to the play list
  2. Sorry I didn’t make it but hopefully next week or week after. Work is manic atm, didn’t finish tonight till 9. I hope you all had a great time
  3. I might pop in this week if I can, I haven’t played with you guys in a long time!
  4. I think perhaps you're thinking about it too much. There are many reasons why people may want or try to kill themselves and this show isn't looking at every reason and every situation. Nor is it a play by play of every single suicide victim. in regards to the note things for example I'll put it context for those who haven't seen then show. In a class the the main character has, they have these bags that you can anonymously put nice notes in about that person. She got a few notes and then they stopped. The notes were not changing her life or making her want to stick around but they were the smallest thing that kept her on the edge of okay. When someone stole her notes it made it not okay anymore. Then she set up a trap and wrote a note in her own bag, knowing it would get stollen. She told this person how she was going through a bad time and that the notes helped. She poured her heart out hoping maybe his empathy would mean he would stop or maybe even help her. Instead she watched as he read her note, and screw it up.... this small thing... tiny it seems... can have more of an impact that you realise and all this show wanted to do was to make light of that. It obviously won't be for everyone but i just wanted to explain that part of the show.
  5. Lies... I know you cry in the corner for at least two days. It's okay, we are all supportive here
  6. And NCIS is more successful than JAG. But Joey cane after Friends and it was trash... The Originals isn't as good as TVD...Angel wasn't as good as Buffy.... fingers crossed though
  7. I'm not quite sure it's about who has the better reason to feel the need kill themselves. Quite frankly since you've only seen a few episodes you don't really know. Even though you are the biggest troll and you'll reply in a similar fashion I will say it's not for us to judge if someone has killed themselves for a reason that satisfies us. We do not know what happens in people's lives nor what plagues them. However you're entitled to your opinion.
  8. Yeah... I'm not a fan of Piper as I said. She started not too bad but became annoying. Plus I'm pissed about season 4 so I advise quit while you're ahead. Now I'm invested so I have to watch the rest
  9. I just finished Big Little Lies which was really good and way better than the tv show. I have started the new one from the author of Girl On A Train but I just can't get into it so I might move on. I have the the game of thrones books but they are just so long I find it too daunting to read them. Hopefully I will at some point though
  10. I'm super excited about this... every time I go to the hairdressers that's all we talk about, including her need to dump her current boyfriend because he doesn't watch it. Im also curious about the 5 spin off shows but I have a feeling they won't live up to the hype because most spin off shows aren't quite as good as the original.
  11. I've talked to Cy about this before... it's an interesting show, I've also read the book. The show really shines light on living in the moment and not regretting what you didn't do or didn't say for someone. in the book it is very single minded, whereas in the show it develops other character more. I think its worth a watch or a read. I do prefer the book but that's usually the case.
  12. As I wasn't around when you guys did mine... I'm obviously going to change the start grid for meet in the middle - I'm also going to remove the second slow down on Disco Inferno but any other suggestions for any changes would be great. Cheers
  13. As with most of the Brits I should imagine I'll be there but if the playlist takes a while to start I may not stay for them as work in the morning etc. Fingers crossed
  14. I've finished Disco Inferno and it's now available to use but make sure customs is off and I've tested it on a T20