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  1. In Grand Theft Auto 4 there was an abundance of the same car, which sucked because nothing was really that rare. In Grand theft auto 5 they should make one or a couple of cars that are EXTREMELY rare, and I mean LESS THEN 1% of a chance of finding it. Does anyone else agree?
  2. The cars should be able to overheat if they are abused, as in going up a hill for 5 minutes straight. You should be able to mod the tires, speed, off-road, or showy. You know?
  3. Personally I like that idea because it finally gives a use for money. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.
  4. I think Rockstar might have made a mistake by announcing/advertising Grand Theft Auto 5 to soon because Max Payne is coming out most likely before Grand Theft Auto 5. If that is true it will be one hell of a painful wait. And if it's not bieng released in 2012 then I know for a fact they made a mistake by advertising it to early, what do you think?
  5. I think campaign (story mode) should be linked to multiplayer somehow. So lets say you bought a nice corvette in campaign, you should be allowed to use that online because your hard work will give you an edge over the other players. Idk just a thought.
  6. -What I don't want in Grand Theft Auto 5 is to be trapped in a city and be very limited on to what I can and can't do. -What I do want is, more uses for money, able to rob stores, realistic car smashing, bigger variety of cars, upgrading cars-(better tires for speed or off-road traction, nitrus, spoilers, better turning, more horsepower, etc.), Lots of open space for offroading-(dirt, sand, beaches, mud, etc.), More vehicle and tool functionality-(attaching trailers to semis, being able to lift stuff with forklift), being able to buy cars, maybe being able to get a job, a big mountain to drive cars off of, realistic NPC's (civilians), maybe a rope that you can attach to your's and someone else's car to help get each other unstuck, engines of cars able to break or overheat if abused and I mean like driving up a cliff for 5 minutes straight, basically a game that is as close to real life as possible with the Grand Theft Auto 4 realism. -What do you want to see in GTA 5?