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  1. Ugh, came back to see about an Xbox One family of players, but this shit is so dead. Should've gotten a PS4.
  2. The show has gotten better since I started this topic over four years ago. Last night's episode was good - I am glad they remembered that Morgan was supposed to be a part of the show. It just seems like they are dragging everything out way too long. They could have probably run the whole "Wolves" storyline better over the course of the season, but now they are going to make a whole goddamn season out of it. I think I am more excited for the "spin-off" coming out this summer.
  3. Ugh, I am sure the Xbox 360 community on here is dead or non-existent - but add me for heists and hootenanny. GT: StoicPersonEatr
  4. I hated my guy for awhile, but he's kind of grown on me. Huge beaky nose though.
  5. For Xbox 360, you have to download the Beach Bum pack from Xbox Live. It's not a patch.
  6. QDeath, I am always up for a weekday night romping.
  7. Also, the vehicles and weapons are also FREE in game. You can have the cars delivered to your garage by using the ingame internet. The weapons are free at the ammunation.
  8. Weekday evenings work best. I'm busy fucking and jiving on the weekends.
  9. I like the idea of the shark cards, it's a nice option to have. I bought one after realizing I had blown most of my 500K stimulus on vehicle upgrades. After buying a shark card (I think the 200K one) I was able to get a sick apartment with the 10 car garage. I am only level 14-15, so I don't have a bunch of things to spend money on. I upgrade my weapons as the upgrades are unlocked and I'm not a big shopper for clothing. I do like the level unlocks for weapons, crazy clothes and even access to the strip club, the ability to buy property, etc. so that even if you are a level one with 1,000,000 in shark card money, you can't really spend it on dick.
  10. Season has definitely gotten better. Thank you Carol for your sacrificing yourself for a good season.
  11. Turns out Kyle's Mom was a big fan of "little Kyle". Weird episode.
  12. Okay, this show is officially the dumbest piece of shit. I'll watch it two weeks more and then I am over it and locking this fucking thread. Last night's shit episode had the most promise and delivered the least. It started off with the black dude, Tyrese trying to bang out the spanish chick. She said no and went to wash her face where Patrick had bloodjizzed out his face and turned into a zombie. Luckily for her and the "plot" of the show, Patrick doesn't get her in the spooky bathroom OR when he follows her back to her cell - because someone else coughed. So Patrickzombie goes to that guys cell and eats him all night long. All other zombie outbreaks have been somewhat quick and devastating, but Patrick took all fucking night and then he and his victim lumbered out after morning had broken. They could have wiped out the whole cell in one night, probably one hour. But that would be consistency; fuck that. So all the heroes here some gunshots and kill the ten or so zombies that have turned within the cell. That's right, more half a dozen people are turned to walkers in a matter of moments; they turned almost instantly and came back to wreak more havoc. They were more energetic or motivated than Patrick apparently. What could have caused the outbreak? Rick figures it out along with the help of the drunk black guy new character - it's a flu! Everyone is infected with the zombie virus, and now there is a zombie flu. I would love to find out that the disease comes from fucking zombies - that would make Patrick the coolest character ever on the show. Well, they solved that mystery. Everyone who came in contact with the sick zombies/people need to be quarantined so they don't get anyone sick with zombie AIDS. Simple as that. OH NO THE FUCKING FENCE IS FALLING DOWN! Where the fuck has the fence crew been? If there are walkers on the fence, get out there and kill them. Also, the zombies they previously killed are no longer there. Zombies don't eat zombies, where are the piles of bodies by the fence or on the stabby sticks? The same thing happens in Call of Duty... why can't there be a pile of victims? I guess they just faded away. Anyway, it turns out the metal fences weren't cemented into the ground and all it takes is some force on the fence before those things start to crumble. Rick has issues killing zombies now and has to overcome them so he can help poke them in the face. But that's no good. One zombie has seen "World War Z" and decides to go up on the fence and the whole thing gives in. Rick comes up with a plan to get the zombies off the fence, by sacrificing his tainted piggies to the zombies outside of the fence. They could have easily ran over all of the zombies along the fence in the truck, but fuck that, Rick cripples his pigs and throws them from the back of the truck to the zombies all the while choking back tears because his porcine fleshlights are no more. The fence is fixed - for now. Turns out it just needed two wood braces to hold it up. It should last until another interruption in the shitty soap opera the show has become is needed. Tyrese, who wasn't helping on the fence or anything brings the spanish chick some flowers to make her feel better about her eye-periods (it's part of being a woman). Turns out someone dragged her ass outside and burned her to a crisp to the ground. There is someone else who has been burnt up next to her, but the black dude only cares he won't be eating pink tacos tonight. Who burnt up the spanish chick? That's called a fucking cliffhanger, see you proud americans next week. Was it Rick who just used gas to burn down the pig house? Was it Carl, being a total dick? Was it the black dude's incestuous sister? They could have gotten to it last night, but they needed to sell more shitty Hyundais and shitty beers. The should call it the Walking Commercial Breaks; six minutes of show where not shit has happened followed by eight minutes of Hyundai. Blue Moon and douchebagchrishardwicktryingtosalvagehisshitcareer advertisements. Fuck, I hate Chris Hardwick, I hope his new show on Comedy Central lasts one episode.
  13. No contest, really. A stock car with a shit paintjob vs. DiO's shaggin' wagon.
  14. The potential is definitely there. I'll watch just for more Emma Roberts underpants.
  15. God, I would bleed out my face for Taissa Faminga. Anyone watching Coven? Evan Peters zombie? AWESOME. I like how much of a cunt Emma Roberts' character is. Series is pretty good, kind of a slow start if you ask me.
  16. I saw this coming. Not enough press or gameplay or anything other than hype. I was looking forward to this game on the 360 as I have decided not to go next-gen.
  17. Has anyone run into a situation where two people own the same apartment online?
  18. My only grief is that if you're in a public room and you're not part of the crew or group playing together, you're likely going to be hunted down and killed. I was getting griefed as shit by a bunch of people who formed a posse against me. I finally managed to get one of their helicopters when one of them landed to kill me and met my bullpup. I was in the process of ascending in my helicopter to escape the griefers when one crashed into me in a big ass cargo plane. It was fun to be on the run from a bunch of dickheads and give them a faceful of lead, but it did suck to spawn just down the hill from them, only to be picked off as soon as I showed up on their maps. Hopefully all of my friends will be on GTAO by the end of this week and I can get some good private matches going.