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  1. Ugh, came back to see about an Xbox One family of players, but this shit is so dead. Should've gotten a PS4.
  2. The show has gotten better since I started this topic over four years ago. Last night's episode was good - I am glad they remembered that Morgan was supposed to be a part of the show. It just seems like they are dragging everything out way too long. They could have probably run the whole "Wolves" storyline better over the course of the season, but now they are going to make a whole goddamn season out of it. I think I am more excited for the "spin-off" coming out this summer.
  3. Ugh, I am sure the Xbox 360 community on here is dead or non-existent - but add me for heists and hootenanny. GT: StoicPersonEatr
  4. I hated my guy for awhile, but he's kind of grown on me. Huge beaky nose though.
  5. For Xbox 360, you have to download the Beach Bum pack from Xbox Live. It's not a patch.
  6. QDeath, I am always up for a weekday night romping.
  7. Also, the vehicles and weapons are also FREE in game. You can have the cars delivered to your garage by using the ingame internet. The weapons are free at the ammunation.
  8. Weekday evenings work best. I'm busy fucking and jiving on the weekends.
  9. I like the idea of the shark cards, it's a nice option to have. I bought one after realizing I had blown most of my 500K stimulus on vehicle upgrades. After buying a shark card (I think the 200K one) I was able to get a sick apartment with the 10 car garage. I am only level 14-15, so I don't have a bunch of things to spend money on. I upgrade my weapons as the upgrades are unlocked and I'm not a big shopper for clothing. I do like the level unlocks for weapons, crazy clothes and even access to the strip club, the ability to buy property, etc. so that even if you are a level one with 1,000,000 in shark card money, you can't really spend it on dick.
  10. Season has definitely gotten better. Thank you Carol for your sacrificing yourself for a good season.