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  1. I was holding my crotch because it burns when i pee. That's normal right?
  2. ' Hopefully my SIDA can't be read, not that I care...
  3. I can almost guarantee you that getting that phone on a 2yr contract for $1 is going to be a mistake. Depending on your cellular provider your bill will increase $25.
  4. It's like every other Call of Duty released. Except this one is 1080p and looks nice. The story is decent MP aspect is the same shitty maps, shitty netcoding.
  5. Yeah, we go hunting but you can only hunt certain times of the year with certain firearms. Although this one tree did appear to look like a honky and well I'll upload that picture when I get a chance.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was to do with coding I just couldn't remember exact since I just skimmed the article.
  7. Obligatory bump. It's something with the internal coding, programs will read it as windows 98 or windows 95.
  8. Coming from somebody that probably looks like they've ate their fair share of Jelly donuts, I don't really think your opinion really matters. I do in fact work out, I just prefer to not look like an over sized gym rat. Apologizes Cuda. That desert eagle is actually a really good friend of mine. I'm not quiet sure of the prices of Gun ranges for the fact that I live on a farm and have no need to go to one when I can easily shoot from my back door for free. I do know that a box of 20 .50 AE rounds cost $34.95 USD, while a box of 50 9mm rounds cost $16.99 USD
  9. I feel like I need to man up this topic.
  10. Not Just, sometimes honkys. At least down here we do.
  11. So disappointed in you lot, for not reviving this thread for the final season. I must say this one is going to be action packed.
  12. This is from my recent Cert. Class for ARFF. I'm not sure why the second picture is off rotation, it wouldn't fix for me.