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  1. Noted that too, total C7 rip-off. And that is some Ducati superbike, not sure which.
  2. I stopped reading because I noticed they contain story spoilers. D:
  3. Hey, I didn't mean I don't like IV's handling. I love it and I want exactly same handling to V, just with little improvements.
  4. Unlocks, why? They're almost always too hard to achieve. For example, I've never driven all the cars in MC3 because they are too hard to get!
  5. If you don't know yet, Someone did an AMA about GTA V in reddit, then someone asked him to draw the HUD and he did. He also posted his invitation to the demo as a proof. Now it has been deleted though, it's here anyways. http://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/1f7f6u/ive_seen_gta_v_live_ama/
  6. Someone that saw the GTA V demo, has now drawn the HUD of it http://i.imgur.com/3kjnTBJ.jpg
  7. It's real, for sure. How could it be fake? Looks exactly like GTA V. Different submarine? I guess not.
  8. Pretty sure we got Gamestops here too. One in my hometown.
  9. Pretty sure this is the ''Carbon RS'' from the pre-order version. Other pre-order vehicles: Hotknife hotrod from 1930 ''Atomic'' blimp ''Khamelion'' electric car
  10. New update: http://www.rockstarg...21/kifflom.html Or R* is just saying that there is an update...