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  1. Josh Brolin perhaps? With a bit of a wider jaw.
  2. I would love a reskined, Liberty City from GTAIV. Or maybe even use the GTAV version of RAGE to upgrade the actual story of GTAIV.
  3. Cameron


    The thing is that this is legit, its scary to beileve thanks to past hoaxs, but this is a serious, buisness website.
  4. Cameron

    Fallout So a linkedin profile of someone who worked of a Fallout 4 cinematic trailer was found, unofficially confirming its existence.
  5. A long time ago, on this forum, I talked about how I thought pot was a gate way drug and other shit of the sort. Now, after all this time, Im officially a stoner and i must say, since I began smoking regularly in october I only have positive things to say.
  6. Cameron


    Im a titan player all the way. They seem like the run into danger kind of character, which is exactly how I like playing.
  7. Here are some of my photos Downtown LS "This towns mine, and you better not forget that." Me in my steampunk outfit My yellow tree and me Down town sunset
  8. Cameron

    GTAO Wishlist

    I wish that they would add more minigames like pool, air hockey, weightlifting and bowling.
  9. Ha ha, yeah I'm more or less dreaming. I really like boats and water craft. But I am sticking to the harpoon idea, imagine blasting someone in the chest with a spear and pressing X/Square and it reels the body to you. Or puncturing helicopters and then they wisk you away.
  10. Swashbuckler update complete with pirate attire like eye patches and modern day pirate stuff life a harpoon gun that shoots a spear and then retracts it. Maybe an attack dinggy with a mounted minigun or a pirate sail boat complete with cannons and planks. Flint lock pistols and parrot pets, and now at every 24/7 store there is Rum you can buy.
  11. I love this show and the writing is so much better than most adult cartoons.
  12. My DLC idea. Your a recriut in the merryweather security force and you follow missions to find and kill mearyweather's biggest threat, Treavor Phillips. You treck across San andreas looking everywhere for him and following missions for you to do so. You have back up squads, helicoptors, tanks, jeeps, jets and airstrikes at your disposal as you rise through the ranks as a merryweather security officer. every level up allows you to unlock new gear, weapons and all things previously stated.
  13. I loved pretty much the whole sound track in SA but my favorite has to be Them Bones by Alice in Chains, followed by Aint Nothin' But a G Thang and Personal Jesus.
  14. Seeing the whole apocalypse kit for amunation make the possibility of an apocalypse DLC more possible.