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  1. rm80rams

    iGTA Fantasy Football League

    Takes away from a dominating assumed win this week when two of the opposing team's players are injured or on a bye.
  2. rm80rams

    American Football

    Detroit 40 Chicago 32 Nuff said.
  3. rm80rams

    iGTA Fantasy Football League

    Ahh, the beauty of the waivers. Denarius Moore and Le'veon Bell are now mine (at the expense of Chris Ivory and Donnie Avery). Almost started both immediately but Bernard Pierce seems like the better option this week. Although Bowe is taking a spot on the bench in favor of Moore.
  4. Favorite protag- Trevor. Surprisingly the only character I had sympathy for at any point, plus he's so fucking funny. Favorite overall- Lamar.
  5. Warning: If you have not completed the game yet, do not enter. The general topic for story mode. Feel free to discuss any part of the single player without spoiler tags or any of that bullshit.
  6. rm80rams

    American Football

    Soo entertaining. I usually end up watching Browns every Sunday and laugh at their epic failure.
  7. OK, so I bought a couple nice sports cars for Franklin after one of the earlier heists, customized them, and stored them in the safehouse garage in Vinewood. Later, I went to get one from the garage and they were both missing. They also weren't in the impound or the main garage where new vehicles are sent. This really pisses me off, considering I spent over 200K on them. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. rm80rams

    Issues with R* Social Club?

    ^ That's most likely why they delayed it's release, to prevent something like this happening to GTAO
  9. rm80rams

    American Football

    Well... LOL, god I would hate being a Browns fan. Their front office is goddamn stupid. ''Oh hey, I know we went out and put together a team with 8 win talent and a dominant defense in the offseason, but hell, we lost in two close(ish) games, so let's trade our franchise back for the 20th pick in next year's draft. Our (maybe overly) loyal fans who finally went out and bought season tickets for once to watch our should-of-been descent team will understand as we get shutout on a weekly basis.
  10. rm80rams

    American Football

    2 missed FGs in a 4 point loss. Who else but Detroit?
  11. rm80rams

    American Football

    Lions raped on Sunday. but still too many dumbass mistakes that will cost us against good teams :/
  12. rm80rams

    iGTA Fantasy Football League

    Probably shouldn't be helping a future opponent, but I would pick up Moreno if I were you.
  13. rm80rams

    iGTA Fantasy Football League

    julius thomas would be a great pickup. would go after him if the position wasn't already stacked for me.
  14. rm80rams

    iGTA Fantasy Football League

    Nahh, he's essentially buried on the depth chart. Never worth a start barring an injury to Hillman or Mereno. And shit bones, Demaryius kinda offset welker's day. I guess Megatron's gotta make up for it on sunday.