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  1. Quick! To GTAforums to crank up the rumor mills! Better tell GTA5videos about it
  2. I was thinking the same thing lol Trevor is apparently a total psycho and Niko is like the least psycho protagonist to date. From what we have seen so far, Franklin is more like Luis. Doesn't remind me of CJ at all... oh wait, they are both black. I see the connection now haha XD
  3. Diving equipment and submarines? What do R* expect us to do with that? I hope Chop doesn't only follow you around in missions, but whenever you want. That car Franklin is driving looks like the Blade from SA. Looks like we can finally fly the Andromada without a vehicle spawner or modding Hmm, Michael is recieving a phone call in the middle of something important and he looks mad. Roman must be in the game XD haha EDIT: I bet you there will be a container ship heist and using a submarine is how to get close to it unnoticed.
  4. It was fun throwing people in VCS. I hope GTA V has a melee system like this or even borrow bits from Bully and The Warriors. That mission we have seen bits of so far in V with the office block, it would be fun the throw someone crashing through the window or throwing someone off those steep cliffs we have seen in the countryside areas
  5. i would like for peds to make comments about you as they walk past and you can reply like in SA. when you reply negatively, you sometimes end up in a fight
  6. no, but in real life your car doesnt disappear if you lose sight of it.
  7. "Bounce? We're bouncing now?" XD haha sounds like Jack Nicholson to me lol
  8. Why do people love Three Leaf Clover so much? GTA IV had very bad mission design compared to other GTAs. Every mission, your objectives were: drive here, kill everyone. Dunno what makes that particular one so special.
  9. What a waste of a first post, it almost made me break down in tears. But to answer your question: No. That guy is Michael, one of the three protagonists to be in GTA V. he was talking about the guy getting out the back on the right. the guy with the buzzcut Q. Do you start with a place, or with the qualities and themes you want to address? A (Dan Houser). The longest part of the process of making one of these games is making the world. If this wasn’t the right way to do it, which I think it probably is, anyway, just from a pure production standpoint you have to start building the world as soon as possible. We start with the place, and then the characters come out from the place.
  10. That would back up the theory that they came up with Trevor after the first trailer and thats why he wasn't in it. Franklin is definatly the driver. The guy getting out the right rear door is probably an early design for Trevor.
  11. Hey, can we all agree the "blue car guy" is Michael? This site's characters page lists him as someone different. I am sure they just did alot of facial changes when they made the trailer. We see him driving around, pretty much confirming he is playable, plus on the GI artwork, we clearly see Michael tucking the pest control mask in a bag.
  12. why wouldnt we be able to hurt them? this is GTA, we can shoot who we like.
  13. It would be cool if you could not only track them down, but kill them as well ......................................................... this might fuck up the story but, so I don't know i would stand outside the hospital and keep murdering another protag over and over for him to spawn in front of me again XD haha
  14. My guess is Trevor will encounter Johnny. EDIT: Yusuf Amir will be in it
  15. I guess people's "old guy" jokes can be stopped, knowing Michael is in his early 40s, not as old as everyone assumed when the first trailer came out. People assumed he was 60 or something XD haha Trevor sounds the most fun. I would rather live in some shack in the desert. BTW reading about characters like Michael's son, Trevor's crazy friend.. I think those leaked casting call were true but the names were altered to cover it up. The descriptions seem about right.
  16. Why are they pissed about the multiple protags? I admit, I am pissed off about no safehouses to buy, minimal customization and the retarded friendship system back (worst feature in gaming history). But I like the idea of changing characters, just hope none are killed off. I want to play as all three at the end of the game, even if they dont remain friends. LOVE the idea of setting things on fire with gas cans hopefully they didn't mean it as a mission specific thing and can be done at any time.
  17. I love the nicknames you guys have for each guy. "Black guy", "Redneck" and "Ned Luke" XD HAHA Would be so funny if Ned Luke isn't even in the game at all lol Chill out. Don't be so negative. If these people want to believe they will be in the game, let them have fun believing that. You can't proove them wrong until the game is out anyway.
  18. That would work for either ending too. Dimitri kills Pegorino in the deal ending (the ending I always choose to stop Roman calling me up lol), so they could either be talking about Dimitri - really Russian, or Niko - assumed to be Russian.