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  1. My amazon order was shipped on dispatched on saturday, think there's a good chance of me getting it early tommorrow? Since amazon have dropped the ball and shit

  2. Finally Pre-ordered from Amazon

    1. DuPz0r


      *Receives a week later than expected*

    2. TheClip


      Lol if that shit happens i'll just buy it in the store and have 2 games.

  3. Wonder if there will be any Young Maylay songs on one the radio stations, so people are like "CJ!?"

    1. Jizzy


      Play Midnight Club III

    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      Young Maylay is a very talented musician.

  4. Why would that be over the multiplayer avatar though?
  5. Currently drowning in a pool of my own jizz

  6. I can't believe how fluid everything appears to be running, I still have trouble believing this game will be able to run smoothly on current gen hardware. The video exceeded my expectations and I've been hyping the shit out of the game since the first trailer. Hopefully the game will exceed my high and unrealistic expectations as well.
  7. Could any of you good chaps tell me if The Last Of Us is worth buying?

    1. Bronson


      What you live under a rock?

    2. TheClip


      Wanted to hear opinions outside of reviews and everyone I know has an xbox, so...

    3. gtagrl
  8. Just triumphed in a deadly battle with the most tightly sealed Irn Bru ever

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheClip


      Irn Bru is religion in Scotland. That , Whiskey and Square sausage, no wonder we're all unhealthy as fuck and have life expectancies of like fifty

    3. GunSmith


      What you experience in fifty years in Scotland is twice the quality of what you experience in fifty years in the rest of the Kingdom.

      Now, how about shipping me a bottle?

    4. TheClip


      Depends what we talking about... 500 ml? Litre ? 2 Litre? Diet? Normal?

  9. Who are you getting these rumours from? I don't think the quality degrades at all. It's just a continuation of the epic awesomeness further along the storyline. Can't read it fast enough when a new book comes out. I just heard a lot of people saying that book 5 is the worst in the series and that 4 is pretty bad as well but you've reassured me. I just didn't want to read on and find the epic storyline begin to rapidly roll downhill.
  10. Can anybody who has read the all of the books so far tell me if the story quality degrades after book 3? I was planning on reading past book 2 now but i've heard rumours that quality severely dropped on 4 and 5.