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  1. nothing wrong with that. if youre a hardcore san andreas fan, you had good reason to be pissed off when gta iv came out. i thought iv sucked but yeah i wouldnt post something like this. although i agree with most of it, i would present the points in a reasonable manner.
  2. they should have flat ground stretch out infinatly to the east and north. the same way the water stretches out infinatly in SA and IV. it would be a repeated texture but its a better solution than making the entire map an island. plus it would be great for testing vehicle speeds and shit.
  3. funny seeing this now. about half hour ago i saw some poor bastard on TBOGT multiplayer crash his helicopter into the sea miles away from land. i was in the buzzard thinking, if i were in a seasparrow i could land on the water and give him a ride back to land. couldnt do it in the buzzard, so shot him like fish in a barrel to put him out of his mysery >:D anyway, yeah i want to be able to swim underwater so long as bullets cant get you under. also would be cool if we can fight in the water.
  4. like ive said on previous posts, los santos from what we have seen is way too small to be the only city
  5. I look forward to a screencap or link to where they said that. Thank. x Just my two cents, but are these what you're looking for? " will be the largest and most ambitious open world game we’ve ever created…" " what is our biggest open world game to date." It could definitely mean it's the biggest map. Or it could mean the game packed with the most content and shit like that. Yeah, definitely possible. The hint toward map size is that one of the items was in response to the question about jets, etc, stating that Liberty City was too small for that kind of flight. But Rockstar's responses are definitely ambiguous in terms of what exactly is meant by biggest/largest, so it could very well be related to content, minigames, characters, interior spaces... who knows? In any case, I'm fairly certain one of those two Q&As was what Riley Bradeen was referring to earlier. is that really rockstars excuse for no planes? the map was almost as big as SA. Plus planes in vice city map mods for San Andreas were great dispite vice citys size
  6. a gun locker is probably the thing i long for in gta than any other. i like to use a large variety of weapons. i want to change weapons for certain missions. when the DEagle is unlocked, i want to use the DEagle a certain mission, then use the Glock again in the next. its a shame that i have to buy a new gun every time a want to switch weapons. a big waste of money.
  7. about cars exploding, realistically the only way to blow up a car with bullets is to shoot the gas tank twice under the right conditions and the bullet that ignites it has to be a tracer round. if they made that realistic, how fun would the game be? a GTA where cars dont explode when shot enough? this is a prime example of the realism-fun ratio.
  8. thats actually why i love driving in SA especially if youre in a towtruck, you can lower the winch when they hit the back of you and then they are trapped. i also loved it when you hit into them sometimes, the driver gets out the car and attacks you with a shovel. even on the radios, it was mentioned about how crazy san andreas drivers were. if the traffic in GTA V was perfect it wouldnt be the same, it wouldnt be los santos.
  9. am i missing something? why does everyone think that having multiple protagonists, you wont be able to play as the one you want or would fuck up customization? GTA IV had 3 protagonists, 2 were from DLCs which kind of fucked up the story continuity. thats why i think there will be multiple protags already in the main game.
  10. im not sure how to answer that poll. i want cops to behave more realistic but i also dont want it to be so easy to get a wanted level. i want them to use batons again instead of in IV where the cops shoot at you just for throwing a paper cup at someone. i want to be able to shoot someone and only get a wanted level if a cops is nearby.
  11. i would like something like this too. kill an entire crew of arms smugglers then drive the ship back to the docks. Fantastic idea, someone should kidnap and violently torture, maim then murder each proud american member of YMCMB as slow as possible! that would be awesome lol
  12. all those things in SA are bullshit. -the ghost cars were just regular vehicles that happened to spawn on a slope, so they roll downhill. -"secret" rooms are usually just parts of the map added for detail, or they are places for easter eggs. -the ufos were supposed to be lights of planes added to the skies at night for detail. -the suicidal photographer was just a scripted ped that spawns to take photos, similar to the soapboxxers, buskers etc.. in GTA IV. the reason the ped always walked into the water (and drowned) was because when the ped is released from the script, theres no path around, so the ped walks forward. if there was no water there, the ped would just keep walking forward. -there was no serial killer. there were criminal peds like every gta that shoot at or run away from cops, thats about it. anything you see on youtube other than this is a mod. -the only animals were birds, fish and other sea creatures. others seen on youtube are mods. -there arent any ghosts, just misplaced peds. others seen on youtube are mods.
  13. wouldnt it be great to be able to absail? like the parachute, we can carry absailing equipment to use at the edge of any building or clifftop. i hated getting stranded on tall buildings in gta 4 with no choice but to "aim for the bushes" lol
  14. you mean what parts of the map get unlocked as you progress the story? i think its about time the entre map is unlocked at the beggining.
  15. It's definitely possible to have advanced character customization. At least as advanced as in SA, loads of games have it these days, look at Saints Row 3. Yeah but the graphics suffered because of that and resulted in the game looking cartoony. Games with high graphics mainly have only fixed suits or costumes you can wear like Red Dead Redemption. theres no reason that graphics would be lowered because of more customisation. it only means more work for the modelers.
  16. whoever wrote that article should be on the shitlist lol who says Rockstar are working with the developers of Mafia II?? thats bullshite. Rockstar wont release GTA V on a new generation of consoles because it wouldnt sell very well straight away.
  17. they never confirmed the size and we are talking about the city alone, excluding the rest of the map. check yourself before you rec yourself
  18. thats what i was thinking. actually this los santos doesnt look much bigger than the previous los santos. there has to be at least one other city
  19. wow. some fastnfurious type shit in the truck pic. that truck is the packer from gta iv right? the top left of the cropduster pic, how far do you think that drop goes? how big is that waterfall? gotta basejump from there in the AK pic, the laser is coming from the helicopter not the AK
  20. i think we should be able to fire 2 handed weapon from a car, but we cant steer while firing.