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  1. There should be a GTA game set in Carcer City. Although it would have to have too dark of a story for GTA to go with the cities look and feel. Anyway Im sure our "east coast gangster" comes from Liberty City. That way we can connect to that after playing GTA IV set in Liberty, now we move on to GTA V set in LS. Also, it looks like we got the mini Uzi again. I miss the full sized one.
  2. in GTA IV, never (ever ever) throw a molotov from a bike. this just causes you to fall from the bike on fire lol i see another SA vs IV battle... why do those who like IV better assume the SA fans are always kids? that like saying all Beatles fans are kids ha ha.. doesnt make sense. congratulations, you are intelligent. things become extremely boring with too much realism. imagine if you had to wait 20 years before you can play again when you get busted? realistic but would be crap. as for helicopter and motorcycle physics, i want them to be fun to drive. i never used motorbikes in IV except TLAD.
  3. i hope you dont get slapped stright with a mission right after the opening cutscene. i hope its like VC and SA, where you watch the opening cutscene then are just instructed to go to a certian location to start the first mission. on the way you can explore, do sidemissions and even buy safehouses.
  4. GTA SA had infinite water (and air space) stretch out in every direction. GTA V will probably have the same. I hope the water is only to the west and other directions have infinite dirt space. True, but the infinite water/land thing would be fine in a plane (you'd get bored and turn around), but if I remember rightly, if you were too far out and attempted to swim back, didnt you eventually drown? no. you can drown yourself purposely if you dont want to swim back lol
  5. GTA SA had infinite water (and air space) stretch out in every direction. GTA V will probably have the same. I hope the water is only to the west and other directions have infinite dirt space.
  6. i think thats used in more than one mission. the shot where the guy gets out of the van and the one where he kicks the door in - the van is parked differently and it appears to be different locations
  7. this has become the gta iv bashing topic lol i could rant on for hours about gta iv but instead i will keep long story short. some of you are saying expect only everything gta iv had and you wont be dissapointed - well when gta iv came out, i was expecting everything san andreas had and was dissapointed.
  8. you must be a crap driver. anyway, i hope V has many challenges and fun content. IV didnt have enough to do, for me to really like the game.
  9. yep that is probably the best feature in the series other than planes. i would like something like that in V but much more complex. maybe a combination of that and the drug wars in TBOGT - instead of money earned from drug wars, you get stocked up on drugs to sell. meh. just prooving my theory that all people care about these days is graphics and not gameplay. youre just too put off by the top down camera (surprise, surprise - nintendo ds game) that you fail to appreciate just how good the game is.
  10. in VCS you could buy/takeover 30 locations on the map where you can build one of six different business types in one of three forms. basically any land you own, you can put whatever business you want there and it will generate money. you will also be given several sidemissions, plus your businesses will occasionally come under attack by gangs. i would like to see something like this in GTA V but greatly expanded.
  11. Come back, miss the opening cutscene and character introduction and think "WTF is going on??" Yeah, cuz your gonna put the game in the console for the first time, then decide you want to take a shit Playing GTA has been known to cause spontaneous shitting, it's a well documented phenomenon. Which is why there's a PS3 & 32'' screen in front of my toilet. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Look. The fucking arogance of the 1%. Im voting with the 47% cause im 100% behind obamney 50% of the time. So how many quotes til something goes wrong? alot
  12. works in TBOGT too best way to break in is land a heli on the roof lol
  13. there should be an trophy/achievement for pressing start haha
  14. i said parts of a site can only be removed by whoever operates/owns the site <-- you said that is wrong? google cant do anything unless its their site (maybe it is? i dont know) stop being a dick, announcing publicly how righteous you think of yourself without listening properly to what others say.
  15. no, nothing i said was wrong. are you saying that anyone can delete what they want from anyones site? only people that operate that site can delete stuff, not anyone with internet access.
  16. where do you get that from? so many are convinced he is the protagonist and are fine with it. i personally am sticking to the multiple protag idea. to me, its obvious from the trailer. we see the old guy driving the R8 so he must be playable.
  17. at age 25: awww fuck it, im through working. wheres my pension? hahaha
  18. this isnt a real discussion. everyone is just making their own version of the famous "no" post. take a look, almost everyone is just saying zombies wont be in the game and that its a stupid idea lol
  19. ...and then you smash your console with a hammer!