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  1. Wow, Ramune... I'll never forget the hot-ass day where I stopped into an Asian market just for the air conditioning, and noticing the colorful oasis of icy-cold Asian soft drinks and juices to my left...I grabbed the first thing I saw, which happened to be a blue Ramune. Turning around on my heels, I paid for it, then walked back out through the automatic doors into Cleveland's 95-degree summer heat, embracing the wave of oven-like air and sauna-like humidity, not nearly as upset or irritable as I was when I pulled into the parking lot, because I had the lovely defense that was a frigid beverage, numbing the palm of my left hand. Not knowing at all what the blue shit in that sexy, sensuously curvy bottle was going to taste like, only admiring its ballsy, defiant cold against the near-tropical heat, I struggled to figure out how the hell to open it. After 5 minutes of puzzling over that strange little marble, I was startled as something I did caused it to recede abruptly back into the womanly curves of the bottle with a resounding *POP*. At this point, a small crowd of Asians now watched from a safe distance as that odd-looking white guy struggled with that sexy bottle. I took a swig and enjoyed the prickles of the sweet carbonation against my bone-dry tongue. Swallowing, I couldn't help but grin as the spirit of Ramune took over and replaced the grouchy, sweaty white dude that, until recently, was burning in the sun. Ramune changed me that day. I believe that change was for the better. Ramune, I love you. Wow how poetic it is so tasty and really quenches your thirst. The bottle is amazing, awesome bit of design I would also recommend Ramune shige superkix which are ultra sour Ramune flavoured sweets, if you like sour stuff
  2. Hey Bones is that you on grasscity forums, or a Bones impostor? :)

    1. JamieMilne


      i've got all the max payne gear sitting in the gun bag in my room. if only i could sell it for a decent price lol

    2. The9thPawn


      Thanks for the heads up! Time to ring up that credit card bill

  3. Budweiser is disgusting anyway, I get a headache from it after about 2 bottles for some reason
  4. Telephone interview in 2 minutes, wish me luck thanks

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      Use your seductive voice...

    4. Icecoldbagey


      It's over now QD, be quicker with the tips next time jheez

  5. Dupzor, that first video is one of the most disturbing things I have watched in a while haha
  6. Working now..

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      Hell fucking yeAh honky

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      sucks to be working... i am home getting crunk...

  7. Original post now updated to contain Trailer #2 on Rockstars youtube
  8. Yeah Youtube seems like it will be the best bet, I've updated the OP to include the youtube link, the channel will show it when it becomes live.
  9. Ok so I thought it would be better to create a seperate thread to the 'Trailer 2 coming next wednesday' one. Official trailer 2 is below, enjoy
  10. IGN will be giving away 50 sets of ALL FIVE photo viewers away to UK residents during their livestream. Thought I'd give anyone interested a heads up