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  1. yeah I thought you might not have its just you posted a link to a website with those screenshots in a different size and I thought those were the same. The ones at your source look better thats all I was saying as people and I noticed it didn't look as good as other screens we've seen screw IGN xD
  2. Seen the trailer about 4 or 5 times now lol, still awesome.
  3. If you look at the source of JamieMilnes screenshots you'll see the screenshots are 800 x 450 but they are resized to 1280 x 720 (whether by him or someone else)
  4. Yeah from the first trailer as well I thought he'd look different
  5. Same lol. Awesome trailer. And maybe its just me but does Franklin sound alot like CJs voice actor?
  6. I agree or else he's pretty much screwed infact if it were rl he'd probably be dead already lol.
  7. Sup everyone, name is Jack Meoff just kidding it's Jay I was a daily reader of gta-sanandreas.com back when the game was announced and I think I even registered an account on the forum but I don't remember what name or email I used lol. Found out about this site from there and went to register an account when I realised I already had one from last year so yeah thats how I got here. I'm 21 and a freelance programmer from london apart from that ain't much to tell lol
  8. Anyone see this in the first article? Seen questions asking about these before, guess it pretty much clears it up.
  9. Released few minutes ago. Shows new vehicles, trains and more. Source: http://translate.goo...a-5-screenshots http://media.gamer.n...eenshot_041.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_01.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_02.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_03.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_04.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_05.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_06.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_08.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_09.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_10.jpg http://media.gamer.n..._2012112_07.jpg
  10. Yeah apparently they'll go about their lives and whenever you switch to that character you'll be taken to their current position, can imagine switching and the guys in the middle of the ocean xD As for my favourite character it's hard to decide, Micheals in the WPP, did he snitch on somebody over on the east coast? Trevors probably gonna clash with Micheal and get killed unless you can choose not to kill him or play as him, so I'd say Franklin but I think they're all gonna be fun to play as.
  11. Heres a PDF if anyone hasn't read it and doesn't like to copy and paste 18 times Downloaded myself and it seems contain all the pages in order as well. Courtesy of gtavaction.wordpress.com http://www.mediafire.com/?e61idyky3ad43dy
  12. honestly i was skeptical about the idea at first, but the way that GI described it makes it sound like a good addition to the game. Me too but now I think it's a great idea, even though it sounds like you don't have to switch between characters and could just play as the same character throughout the whole game if you wanted to. I know I won't though