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  1. GTA Online will most likely be on next gen consoles. Eh?
  2. The M rating tells us GTA V will have 'mature humour' apparently, but I guess it is going abit off topic. You're the guy that said there were no bicycles in NY and that subway systems do not use trains.
  3. No, it didn't. Correct. That game didn't have humour at all. Okay..... Did you even listen to the radio stations, or read the billboards? Yeah, the radio and shit was brilliant as ever. We're talking about the story.
  4. PEGI have rated it 18, as expected. No one is ever forced to buy a censored version, only forced to pirate an uncensored one.
  5. Rating systems never work, but I'm glad they exist otherwise everything would have to be massively censored. Although I guess it is a form of censorship because you can't make a profit from a AO game, so you have to be sure your game will get an M or lower.
  6. Glad the prices of houses are abit more realistic. I just hope there are alot of safehouses, at least 40.
  7. According to GI, modifications include body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra lights, brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armor and many extra accessories.
  8. Maybe not quite like that, but it would be nice if we could pull over for minor offences, like running over the hotdog guy.
  9. Well however big the entire map is, the city itself is alot smaller than I thought. I had the map size from L.A. Noire in mind for LS. For GTA V's map to fit GTA IV, San Andreas and Read Dead's maps, the countryside must be fucking huge, must take up more than 3/4 of the map.
  10. This looks about right, looking at the roads. I wonder how big the countryside will be....
  11. Love that flame shirt Trevor is wearing Pistol .50? Would that be the desert eagle?
  12. Nothing special, but a screen is a screen. Where'd you find it? A torpedo?
  13. Not really. He mentioned a few plot points then said he didn't understand them.
  14. Check out the graffiti on the left. Thoughts? That might say grove at the bottom but looks more like "srove".
  15. Wow, Michael reminds me so much of Tony Soprano lol Trevor's trailer was quite funny
  16. Ha ha, well others who claim phony release dates tend to make the shit list, so why not?
  17. Rockstar games are almost always delayed. I would have thought they would have realized this by now and stopped telling us when their newest games was coming out without being certain.
  18. R* probably don't care about their PC releases because they don't make any money from them. Everyone just torrents PC games.
  19. Would be cool if you could ride the rollercoster and do a drive by from it Imagine shooting at police helicopters and cops on the ground, going full speed around the coster XD haha Imagine dropping a grenade on a part where you go upside down lol
  20. Hey guys, looking back at the first trailer, would you agree on this?
  21. There was a police uniform in SA. Yet another thing that never returned in the series
  22. Or you switch to Trevor a second after he jumps out a plane with no parachute
  23. R* made a shit load of house interiors for the burglary missions in SA. Unfortunatly they couldn't be accessed outside of the mission. I remember modding it so you can enter them at any time. That was great. I'm sure R* can put that much effort again into interiors.
  24. That club management thing in TBOGT was even more boring than bowling with Roman. All you do is walk around the club, then a cutscene is played of you throwing someone out. I want to at least beat people up who were causing trouble and so you actually have to throw them out in gameplay, not cutscene.