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  1. Could you imagine how easy L.A. Noire would have been if it were set in Los Santos? Captain: "There's been a murder!" Phelps: "It's OK, with my psychic police powers, I know exactly who did it and where they are at this very moment."
  2. I hate that we can rotate our cars in midair. We can now adjust how we are going to land, which makes doing stunts (the number one GTA past time) completely pointless. If we are guaranteed to land perfecty everytime, there's no risk or skill required to pull of a jump. ALSO it's annoying! When I'm driving intensely and the car gets just slighty airborn, the rotatycarinmidair kicks in and so I try turning the wheels left a little, the car rotates onto it's roof. Fist fighting is pointless because you punch someone and 20 seconds later, cops are shooting at you. They put batons in the game, why don't cops use them? Come on Rockstar! Also, if you punch a cop now, you get an inmediate 3 star wanted level.
  3. Most people have the game already because Amazon started shipping Friday. I ordered from Rockstar Warehouse with guaranteed shipping on Tuesday
  4. Why haven't R* given us the rest of the radio station previews? "Coming soon"... in two days we will have the full stations in the game and these preview will be pointless lol
  5. Nice! Looks like we can buy a part of the airport, it's got the property logo on it
  6. Most boring sport in the world. Please for the sake of humanity XD haha
  7. . Hmm... Also, am I the only one dissapointed with this season?
  8. The character trailers were only about a minute each and they were much better than "the official trailer".
  9. I knew it! Breaking Bad is a prequel to GTA V. That's how breaking bad will end, Walt will use Saul's "vacuum guy" to change his name to Trevor and move to LS with his M60 That explains the official trailer debuting on TV during BrBa Plausable? lol
  10. Definatly the weakest of the trailers so far. I wouldn't have picked this one to go out on TV. Trevor was quite funny in it though
  11. Haha look who's got locked. I know, right? Fucking tipical RACISTS!!
  12. No, mine is, because it tells you this is a new trailer. We already have 2 official trailers Plus mine has the date in parenthesis.
  13. Damn, we made topics of this at the same time lol EDIT: actually looking at the times, I beat ya to it