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  1.'re wrong. They were optional. Getting 100% completion is optional. If you dont need to do them to finish the main storyline...I'd say its optional. wtf? how is completing the game, optional for completing the game? lol I agree but it was the first next gen game built from ground up. No time to make compelling side missions. that or they were "saving" them for the next game. either way im sure gta V will step up. a lot of people complained about the side games of IV. no time to make fun side stuff, but they had time to make bowling and other boring stuff. this is my point. you can consider things like bowling and darts as "additional" features but i consider them replacements for the cool stuff. oh and DiO, turning the phone off blocks everything, including the texts from stevie.
  2. I dont know if this just belongs in the weapons topic or if it is ok for its own, im not sure - i will do this anyway. In GTA III we only had the Uzi for drivebys, then in Vice City we had a few different submachine guns to driveby with, when IV came along we could use pistols and projectiles, then we could fire a sawnoff shotgun from a motorbike in TLAD. Do you guys think there will be more types of weapons we can fire from a car in GTA V? I think its about time we are able to fire any weapon from a vehicle.
  3. actually the frienship things arent optional, you need to do them for 100%. the 100% list for GTA IV is something like: -play darts with Jacob -play pool with Jacob -bowl with Jacob -eat with Jacob -see a show with Jacob -drink with Jacob -play darts with Packie -play pool with Packie etc.. etc... so please stop saying its an optional feature. you cant turn the phone off because you need it on to advance the storyline. even you people that say those activities are just nice to be there, no one actually enjoys them enough to get very excited about. i just dont get why rockstar bother, why not make the game 100% fun really awesome things. that way there will be alot more fun awesome things, not just a few they had time to make along side the boring stuff.
  4. everyone seems to have missed the point. its not a case of "dont do the activities if you dont like them" the truth is theres only a certain amount of stuff you can put into a game and rockstar are wasting it on crap that no one ever uses. imagine gta iv if they made something really fun to do instead of the friend bullshit. something that takes the same amount of time and effort to make. outside of story missions, what is there to do in gta iv? just a few sidemissions that cant be replayed and the friendship thing. not much else other than that.
  5. I really don't know why people moan about that when you can just turn your phone off? my point is - why didnt rockstar use the time and effort they took in making that feature, to make something more exciting like getting calls like "hey man, lets go raid a gang hangout" or something.
  6. In the new screens it's pretty much confirmed tennis will be a playable activity. GTA IV we had bowling and shit, we could do all sorts of friend activities. I got to ask, does anyone actually care about that sort of thing? I thought the whole friendship thing in IV was really really boring - except getting drunk, that was fun. I hope I am not the only one that thinks Rockstar shoudnt waste their time making these sort of activities and instead concentrate on fun things like burglary, drug dealing, raiding warehouses, hijacking trucks full of stuff you can sell on the black market, arms dealing/smuggling, gang wars.. etc. Betting on horses and card games were great in SA, alot more fun than bowling with Roman. The truth is, Im not that excited about GTA V if its going in the same direction as IV. Instead of "hey cousin, lets go bowling" every 10mins, it will be "hey Ned Luke, lets play tennis".
  7. Yea I noticed that, perhaps another three on Friday? So we've had transport and leisure. I guess weapons must be the next, or locations? i hope to see dogs or other animals in the next screens. we only saw 2 dogs in the trailer and we didnt get a close look.
  8. oh my jesus christ monkey balls. safehouse with a private tennis court? that bridge in the parachute screen was in gta san andreas. this new rendition looks awesome. i would love to drive off a cliffside on a dirt bike then bail off in midair and open the parachute. the parachute hasnt changed since tbogt. the guy using the parachute is possible the "red car guy" from the trailer, another hint at multiple protagonists.
  9. Osama Bin Laden? One guy, entire military. Fuck the "One Man Army" achievement, he kept a 6 star wanted level for nearly 10 years hahaha
  10. all i can say about the multiple protagonist issue, is look at the trailer. we see at least 3 different people speeding aroung in their cars. when have we ever had a cutscene of a major character driving around, with the playable character nowhere in sight?
  11. in gta 4 the pyshics were kinda dumb when you crash a motorbike. you hit something head on, niko is catapulted upwards, which of course results in a splattery death. its unrealistic to be shot upwards. if youre travelling forwards at high speed and hit something, you will continue going forwards, not up. also bailing out of a car needs to be improved. yeah, you will roll about abit but the character should at least jump out at a sensible position, not just faceplant out of the car lol
  12. forgive me if someone has already suggested something like this, but this forum is too long to look through every post. im certain you play as more than 1 guy. theres the guy is the red convertible who i also think is the driver of the bugster van - how many missions are there when an npc drives? we also see the old guy in the blue car and the ned luke guy driving. im pretty sure those arent cutscenes, those are gameplay. i think its going to be like gta 4 with its dlcs except they are all part of the main game. each protagonist has their story that take place at the same time, but you have to play as all on the same gamesave. if you do too many missions with only 1 protag, missions will be blocked until you finish enough missions with another protag so the second protags story can catch up with the overall story.
  13. no the prison would have to be on the actual map, you just cant get out until the break out, when you would actually escape back to the rest of the map.
  14. i really like the idea of storing your vehicles anywhere on your property and they will stay there. i would keep a scooter right next to the bed so i would never have to walk at all
  15. im pretty sure rockstar could make something like that work really well.
  16. it would be pretty cool if at some point in the story the main guy goes to jail and then we have to do a few mission in prison where you can roam about certain areas like the excersise yard, you save the game in your cell. then the last prison mission, you break out.
  17. i would much rather have multiple smaller cities than one big one. you get a bigger variety of locations.
  18. who cares, its boring. how about when you get busted for killing someone, you have to wait 20 years before you can roam the streets again? it would be realistc, but shite. the cops werent exactly realistic in gta iv anyway. the other day i threw a coffee cup at a ped, so a nearby cop starts shooting at me.
  19. cops in gta iv were annoying. i dont want 2 stars just for killing one ped.
  20. haha nah it wasnt an error, they included the footage to get gta fans interested
  21. actually the united kingdom is made up of england, scotland, wales and nothern ireland. scotland is part of britain.
  22. the last 2 releases, tbogt and chinatown wars both had mission replay so it might be safe to say thats a permanant feature from now on. its fun to go back and do those missions, but i think it kinda ruins the authenticity of the story.