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    Task two: Everyone who likes this post before 7pm est tomorrow receives two points Task 86 First person to pm the word "snit badoop scoopy poop" gets 5900 pts
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    Since I left Rockstar North in May last year I've been learning how to develop games for iOS using SpriteKit. I spent the first 3 months or so going through tutorials and a book which I bought and since then I've been working completely on my own game. I've built the whole thing from scratch, from the game engine to the mission script, animations etc. DuPz0r and DiO have done a brilliant job as my graphic designers and we're continuing to make good progress. Ideally I wanted the game finished within 6 months but it's a pretty huge job, especially for 1 developer and 2 part time designers so it's going to take maybe another 6 months but it's coming along well. I've amazed myself by just how much work goes into a game, even something as 'small' as this. I've been keeping a design doc up to date as we go and its coming on for 40 pages so far which gives you some idea of what's involved. It's not your traditional iPhone game (i.e. small levels, pick up and play, good for 2 minutes when you're on the toilet etc). It's a full - almost GameBoy style - platformer RPG. It features a turn based battle system similar to something you'd see in Pokemon and will feature a number of puzzles in each area as well as some hopefully fun mini-games. I'm hoping to have the full story take around 10-20 hours to complete (including all of the battles you'll have to do), which isn't bad for an iPhone game. If it's successful I'd like to re-develop it and release it on PS Vita or maybe the consoles as an indie game. Anyhow, it's yet another zombie apocalypse game. The basic story is that a Scientist wants you to help him find a cure by going out and getting samples from all of the different zombie forms. You'll have to battle them and kill them, then you can search their corpses for a specimen sample. You can also capture them in battle using a Lasso which will unlock additional data. The game is still very much a work in progress and the game engine is still under constant development, but quite a lot has been done so far and there is a lot of functionality coded and working including saving and loading data, an XP and ranking system for the hero, a full inventory system, a full dialog system, collectables, interactable items, containers which can be searched, multiple levels and sub levels, complex multi-layer UI and a pause menu system... I thought I'd let you guys know so you could offer any feedback on the development. I need to do a lot of work just to get the game into a state where it can be considered finished and fully working, but if you have any ideas which would make it a better game I'm all ears. I'm ideally targeting a release in June or somewhere around there, although having done nothing else but this for the past 9 months or so, I am going to eventually need to get a new job so the development might slow down a bit. Definitely want it finished and released by the end of this year. The game doesn't yet have a name, so if anyone can think of a cool and unique name for the game let me know. We have about 50 potential names but I'm not 100% happy with any of them yet. Working title is Not Another Zombie Apocalypse, although it's not completely unique. If anyone with design or audio skills wants to help out I'd be very happy for the assistance. There is potential financial reward for any work you contribute, but I can't guarantee anything until I see if the game makes any money when it launches. You would of course be listed in the credits either way. Here are some screenshots of the first few levels. I'll hopefully have a trailer style video to show off in the next few weeks.
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    Here is a trailer I put together using the song "We Own It" from the Fast and Furious 6 soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it! I apologize if there is an existing topic I should have posted this in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUKwN02keHg
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    Great Job Fitty. I think you got more accurate shape details than mine. All round, pretty close as expected, i never doubted the size of the map. Constructing the map made the wait a whole lot more bearable for me too. Something to spend an hour or so on each night. Mission two. Construct the seabed in 3D! xD nah, i'm glad it's finally come to an end, so i can actually play the fucker. It's crazy how much i'll know about the map going into it before I've even played it. I be like 'oh yeah that's there, as i recall...' lol Oh, and does this help people understand the scale a little better? /edit -typing on smartphones sucks!
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    WHAT IN THE FUCK! This Fucker had too much Jalapeno, then he passed right out. New profile pic? Maybe I love taking pictures in this area. Sun Flair Fire in the Sky! The Bridge to nowhere...
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    It took 25 minutes to take this pic... I was pretty high... My GINGER Blade... Not sure about this one... but the water was shiny... Bush shot... "For all the girls I've loved before..." It was a nice day.,. Looking soulless...
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    Snaps from last night: Ghostman, ghost-raping Goosey.
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    Got a Zentorno just for Dupz crew colour... And random scenic pics...
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    And here it is: I left the cuts in the roads/rails where the blue print's urban areas stop and my imagination took over. Here's a look at the mess I used: .gif comparison with Brady Games pic: Obviously some differences but pretty damn close. Anyway, glad it's over and we can sit back and wait for Rockstar to put a high quality map on the Social Club - and then we can rip and rape that for our own purposes.
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    I've been doing some mapping of my own this evening. Not the actual map project, but getting a better understanding of this town.
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    Besides, who wants to have the shit beat out of them by cops on the freeway while playing as Franklin?
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    I have a theory that surveillance cameras and security systems will play a major role in GTA V. My theory originated while combing through the premier trailer and finding two signs that warn players of areas that are monitored: Finally, I found an actual camera modelled within the trailer, here: Because the game will revolve around prepping and pulling heists, I figure that a working surveillance system for bigger risked jobs (like this Rodeo Drive inspired jewelry store) would make sense. I think that these security systems will work similar to the "bandana" mechanic in Red Dead Redemption. Although the old west didn't have any cameras to monitor John Marston's criminal behavior, he concealed his face with a bandana. Witnesses to his crimes could confess to the local authorities and a wanted poster would appear in the towns describing John Marston. If John was creating crimes without his face concealed, the authorities and bounty hunters, had an easier time finding John. This system was remedied by paying a fine. GTA V's system would have to be a little more sophisticated. For instance, if the player was robbing the same jewelry store without anything on to conceal the player's identity, the camera could i.d. players and help the police pursue anyone who matched the player's description. Could security cameras also trip the store's alarm? Could some be motion-detected? Furthermore, as the game progresses, I'm sure there will be more creative ways to get around being recorded, such as destroying said cameras or removing their hard-drives they record on (or tapes?). Places like Pleasure Pier would be difficult to perform crimes on because of the security systems, which would ensure that authorities would arrive onto the scene quicker. Maybe there's a bounty system Rockstar is carrying over from RDR and updating/modernizing for GTA V. What else could security systems mean for GTA V?
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    I wouldn't mind if they kept the driving mechanics the same, I got pretty good at moving fast while avoiding cars at the same time. What I do want them to change is the AI driving. No more random lane changing please. I've even seen two cars right next to each other try to get into the other's lane. Chaos I tell you.
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    nice to see you stop by, kwarb... you're more than welcome to join on future nights... nice shots, casey!! ... here's the first half of my pics... hopefully i get a chance to sort thru the rest later this week or weekend... i went more for a group approach, but who's to say i won't go back thru and snap close ups of everyone... i went for a more grittier look too on a few of them, because it fit the theme... i don't even know what happened here ... bmx changed his gravitational pull... this guy wanted to fight me... cruising to penned in... penned in... yea, killyou... i saw that ... we like big balls... me and kill cruisin' to paleto... dup joined us... --- like i said, i have plenty more clips to sort thru... but this was a good night, i think we peaked at 13 in the lobby ...
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    haven't posted my pics in here in a while... here's what i got... my jester... nemosphene taught me the ancient art of skywalking ... then he dove off some rocks ... hanging out with gtalsc and tactical taco... --- --- trying to help out with a failed photo attempt with hairyhole, chaoszake, and repdek... the pic idea wasn't quite working, and traffic was being a bitch, so we blew up a bunch of shit instead... it's a shame too, hairy had an awesome idea that just didn't quite work... it was a pleasure to listen to these guys work tho, i wish that magical pic would of happened... that's "shaved hole" hairy's chick character ... --- snapography #Summer contest entries... thanks for the help, dio ... i fucking love this one...
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    and goddammit, fix the fucking roof!! --- UPDATE: this might be my best snap yet on nextgen ... "diamond in the rough"... http://rsg.ms/2f283ab
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    took some pics last night... dio... i'll take that one!!... lol, this was during that survival... kuz lookin' smug... old skooler and dio navigating the urban jungle... some fine folks of sandy shores... dat sunset!! selfie... --- turned this into something since it does resemble him... http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/snapmatic/photo/VRACr__i2USyb8z5eGr8SQ?platformId=2
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    weird selfie the mule expedition The ghosthammer from BMXog From IKILLYOU, me spartan kicking people in the ocean hitting ace hitting bigboss the best one lmfao. hitting gtagrl
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    I officialy anounce that that was a pretty stupid question. A town is a town. But if you really want to know my opinion of what i think. I think smaller than LS airport. Why is that? R* could have a collection of 3 buildings and call that a town or they could all be the size of Montgomery in SA. they could make something half the size of LS in GTA:SA and it could still be a town because it is all relative. I wasn't asking for the definition of what a town is, I am just curious about how big all these towns are going to be. So I "officially announce" it was a very reasonable question.
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    Some revealing information, such as achievements, ect.
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    A great map from Jbte: In my opinion Its a nice approach to the real deal, hope theres no problem with this image upload.
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    i seriously think cops should be more realistic because in gta 4 i pulled over to see what would happen and sometimes they wouldnt get out of the car they would just ram me
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    Not really into riding bikes in GTAO but it was still a welcome change from the norm. Kinda getting use to the R* Editor now. You can spend what seems an eternity trying to get the perfect angles to take a Snapmatic but I'm very impressed with its flexibility.
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    so i finally got the digital copy of my pirate pic... it's now plastered all over my social media outlets as my profile pic, and of course here as well... the quality is such top notch that if i had a fireplace, 10/10 would hang above it ...
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    Well, I thought the BE3 presentation was fucking awesome. While watching the whole thing, I couldn't take enough notes. So many cool things to explore and do.... There are many who complain, but I prefer to praise Bethesda for their work. GFX, modding, construction, inter-action.... (WTF @ Psy on Twitter! "It looks like a Fallout 3 mod") I am totally looking forward to the Fallout 4 experience in November.
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    my first impression is rockstar still cant handle their shit
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    Some arty shots... Product placement Tagged What I've accumulated in my guy's garage - all the cars I steal to drive back there... Reppin' for Chronic Kings crew I mean, really
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    #orange4lyfe... http://rsg.ms/88fa6f7 thanks, kuz, for telling me the beer hats i lost had to be reactivated in a clothing store ...
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    Now in HD I met a baldwin I like this
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    Me & Rob learning how not to drive in first person.
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    Photo doomp Pretties Mercy getting it in Contemplating something There's a funny in here somewhere... Hanging on for dear life Ghost man likes playing with big orange balls Mountains Windmills These are pretty awesome STELLAAAARGH!!
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    It's GTA, i'll buy it again and again, unless something drastically changed about the game concept. We're on a fan forum that we've kept going for over 10 years, we are a cult following. R* can continue to succeed with their business for all I care.
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    Drifting at the docks, part two: The rain made for some pretty cool effects, both with drops and puddles... Dup taking that same tight corner... Fucking epic shots of Kuz drifting ...other than the arm photobomb at top left in the first one... Kuz and Otiz say, :fuckyou: We all took sooo many pics tonight... Cheech didn't know it was drift night at first, so he shows up in a Liberator. Skyline iGTA Bowling Ace... This one is hilarious... This one's pretty good too... Lineup Bowling, round two, in 'pin' costumes: Tonight was a turkey. Trophies all around.
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    Well had a lot of fun this evening so here are the fun pictures first. Edit:- Wow compo started 02.07.14 at 12:00am so these photos are enterable. Guys please vote its important to get a good start. http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2566/Yab0YgY6TUGg6Y6Hm2p2pQ/0_0.jpg Ikillyou with a very important announcement http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/snapmatic/myphotos/photo/QDcbd_xvK0-Tf9SOhdoRbg Kuz's having a swim http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/snapmatic/myphotos/photo/2W77egGOwUumgBR1bp0Q2g My fav of the evening! Thank you to Mercy for playing along. Now for the important info. If there is a snapmatic event these are the areas I have picked but will need you guys to help. Have some fireworks set up and some one dressed as uncle Sam and a torch on the flag. Here we can all have a party and again some fireworks. I would also like if the under water glitch happens at any time that we take a picture of some one dressed as a bare.
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    saw this on the rockstar site
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    Trying out a hairstyle before my next shave for charity.... I call it the Mega-Vyv
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    Everyone expects there to be safe houses in GTA V, what kind of safe house do you want to see? There has been a good variety of safe houses in the past GTA games, including; red light district, back alley room, shack, ghetto cul de sac, up-market apartment, beach hotel room, condo, mansion, abandoned air field, ranch, petrol station/garage, and many more. I was hoping for some new unique kinds of safe houses to GTA V, as well as some of the expected. Here is a list of safe houses I'd like to see: Top floor penthouse (Mile high - kind of expected) Vinewood hill-top mansion (overlooking the city - kind of expected too) Wood lodge (beyond the mountain?) Luxury yacht (perhaps a transportable safe house?) Hobo shack hideout (after shit hits the fan?) Personal Island mansion (perhaps an little island out to sea?) Have any more unique ideas for safe houses to add to this? then please go ahead and post!
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    Hey man, it'd be sweet if you did a scaled version of GTAIV's map next to it, so people would have some sort of point of reference Dup's put in a heap of effort just to do that. I don't mean to be rude but fuck the reference size. I'd like to see him superimpose a Prius next to the map to mess with people. Those who complain about the map size just need to chill out and appreciate what TreeFitty and Dup have done throughout the mapping process.
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    Nothing,will ever put san andreas to shame. Um no. This game will put any game to shame.
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    *waits for it to be banned in australia
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    This is bullshit. Spring my ass. The worst part is that new artwork they put out in stores just the other fucking day still said spring!
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    In my experience, roughly half of the people you will know in your lifetime will be lying, backstabbing pieces of shit. You may never find out about it, or you may find out, but keep it to yourself and let them think you're oblivious, or they may never betray you at all, only betraying the other people in their lives. They're pieces of shit, regardless. The majority of the people in this world are scum, watch them carefully. Eventually, you'll find a handful of people you can trust.
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    ^ Thank you, Mass. Happened to me in San Andreas all the time. (And it happened under the police HQ in Los Santos to a NPC. ) Sorry but what is "noriety"? I tried to look it up but found no matches. I don't think the police should look after you if you don't have a wanted level. That's basically what you suggested and it's one of the few things we disagree on. I like the idea of throwing away clothes, but I don't want to magically find it in the safehouse afterwards. We both do like realism, but this would not be realistic at all. Just make some of them sexy, darn it!