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  1. Ginginho

    iGTA Night - July 10 (PS4)

    Petroleum jelly - the necro-analists best friend...
  2. Ginginho

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Is there anything in this for the casual player?
  3. Ginginho


    That's why I pre-ordered at my local games shop, and not on-line. If I don't like the beta, I will cancel my pre-order and transfer the deposit to my RDR account. I have gone back to the Mojave Wasteland... I am having trouble figuring out where I had left the game and which factions I was intending to help. So I went and saw the Boomers... I think there is about another 100 hours left in this one...
  4. Ginginho


    Signed up for the beta - bring it on...
  5. Ginginho


    Perhaps you can lock up your goods with either a key or password protected lock, which can be picked or hacked via terminal. If someone tries to hack or pick the lock, you get warned and have a chance to get back to your settlement to stop the thief in progress. That could be interesting. If you can pack up your settlement and carry it around with you, I think I'll just make a few containers, dump my loot in them when my carry limit is reached and pack the settlement up again. But that sounds too easy... Too many questions I need answers to....
  6. Ginginho


    Clearing out the Chryslus Building before heading to Bigtown... just finishing off the Wasteland before heading into the Pitt. I didn't realise I left so much undiscovered when I stopped playing this game... Pre-ordered FO76 in the hope that I can play the beta... would really like to try before I buy.
  7. Ginginho


    I want the option to avoid PvP altogether... Simplistically, this could be done by choosing a class for each game session. If you choose something like trader or explorer, all PvP is disabled, similar to a vital NPC in current games. You can't be killed by other players but you can't damage them either, maybe an exception made when you are caught stealing from other players. All other interactions are available, like trading, info sharing, mission giving ("I know a settlement round here that needs a hand...") and co-operation. It is clear to other players that you are untouchable so they won't waste ammo on you. The class stays for as long as your game session so you can't change it on the fly to ambush someone or hide once you kill someone. Another concern is difficulty level. I am pretty casual but there are those who want the hardcore survival experience - how do you balance both types of player in the same world? While difficulty mainly affects your own stats, how would it work when you are facing a large enemy and the survivalist takes 100 bullets to kill it while the casual takes 40 due to their respective difficulty settings? It's pretty scummy of Bethesda to only offer the beta to pre-orders when it could be used for those players, like some of us and a lot of the FO fanbase, that want to see how it all works before throwing money at them.
  8. Ginginho


    No, not really and quite the opposite after watching that Todd Howard interview... I was just trying to stay positive... Nice lamp!
  9. Ginginho


    I will wait for more details and try to play the beta before crying too much... I can't see how VATS can be incorporated online and that is a big loss for me. I hate PvP, mainly because I am shit at it, so I hope there is a way to avoid fuckwits who just want to kill you. Having thought about it some more, it should be ok - I enjoyed GTA Online (invite only or SP lobbies) before they forced you to mix with other players and I don't think Bethesda want to alienate the single player so I am more hopeful than a few hours ago...
  10. Ginginho


    Todd Howard mentioned it before the trailer...
  11. Ginginho


    4x larger than Fallout 4?!?! I'm in...
  12. Ginginho


  13. Ginginho

    What are you reading?

    Waiting for Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence, going to re-read the Malazan series and some of the off-shoot books. Just finished Dead Mans Trousers by Irvine Welsh, which is basically Trainspotting 3...
  14. Ginginho


    The cynic in me is saying this is just an bigger version of Fallout:Shelter, expanding on that and the settlement building in FO4. If that's the case, I will probably still get it but I am not sure it will be a day one purchase. Ideally, co-op for me would be me going out scavenging while my partner builds us shit. I have big ideas but not the skill to realise them when building... I wonder if any ghoul characters from the current games will make an appearance? Also, a Fallout announcement without a Massacre post??? He must be dead...
  15. Ginginho


    Wow, just wow... hopefully it's a new game but would settle for a FO3 remake...