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  1. Ginginho


    Yeah I changed my tune once I reloaded my beta save - wasn't as bad as I thought. Enjoying my time with the game so far. I haven't run into a single person since the game went live but then I have been exploring NW of the vault, where no-one else seems to go. I have travelled as far north as the map allows me so am making my way east - I hope to circumnavigate the map before heading in to do some of the missions. I like the camp system better than I thought - it works really well. Perks, I am still getting used to the system but have started to be a bit more strategic with them now I understand the system a bit better. I have got used to the survival side of things, especially now I have a water pump, so thirst isn't such a big deal anymore. If you see a pastor wearing a chef's hat carrying a serrated machete around the northern area of West Virginia, come over and say hi... especially if you have ammo to spare!
  2. Ginginho


    I certainly hope to see some friendly faces out there!! I enjoyed playing the beta more than RDR2 so will be picking this up on my way home from work today. Made some rookie survival mistakes in the beta so will probably start again with a new character... Can't wait!!
  3. I really need to get a phone...
  4. Is fried chicken, bacon, waffles and maple syrup the best food combination in the history of the universe? My opinion is heading very much in that direction...
  5. I investigated the area circled above and couldn't find anything to match this rock pattern shown. I agree the white lizard pic is around the same area, I have a feeling that that picture was taken closer to areas highlighted. I reckon the white lizard pic has been taken from the Mexican side of the border, on the little knob, to the left and under the first green highlighted range. I will have a roam and check this out. I reckon if the background ranges are a true match, then the red lizard pic is probably taken in Mexico, closer than these ones. Off to Mexico I go... oh, and fuck cougars Let me know if there are any other areas you want checked. Sorry, I can't get a decent picture of it but this is my best guess for the white lizard pic... it looks better on screen... I just could not get clear weather either which makes it worse.
  6. Ginginho


    While you play Fallout 76, you’ll earn a currency called Atoms by completing various gameplay challenges and achievements. This currency can be used to acquire in-game cosmetic customization items for your character, earnable entirely by playing the game. Once Fallout 76 officially launches on November 14, Atoms can also be purchased separately for real money if you so choose. Yeah,but nah...
  7. I'm gonna be chasing the Oileus Virginianus...
  8. That's what they said about GTAO and it was true to a point... and then it became a grind.
  9. Ginginho


    Yeah I got that but it sounds like a lot of the more interesting side quests involve co-op, and the side quests are often better than the story... I am sure I will find kind hearted souls online who will want to join up for a mission or two...
  10. Ginginho


    The Game Informer article really made me feel a lot better about the PvP side of things. I was never worried about being nuked - they made it clear in one of those interviews that it was mainly to nuke areas (to open up higher levelled loot, enemies etc) and that players in those areas would be warned and given ample time to leave before the bombs fell... My only issue now is that their are going to be parts of the game where co-op is required which is no good for a Neville Nofriends like me...
  11. Petroleum jelly - the necro-analists best friend...
  12. Is there anything in this for the casual player?
  13. Ginginho


    That's why I pre-ordered at my local games shop, and not on-line. If I don't like the beta, I will cancel my pre-order and transfer the deposit to my RDR account. I have gone back to the Mojave Wasteland... I am having trouble figuring out where I had left the game and which factions I was intending to help. So I went and saw the Boomers... I think there is about another 100 hours left in this one...
  14. Ginginho


    Signed up for the beta - bring it on...