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  1. I am pretty sure it auto saves right after you make the choice. I think you are SOL.
  2. If you refuse to help then you will not get paid that week, at least that is my understanding. No, you will get calls both before and after the storyline is completed. Sometimes, however, you not get any calls for a long period of time. For example I was getting calls from every company Franklin owned ever week, then all of the sudden nothing for at least a month and a half (in game). I do not know why it does this. it pays out for all the cars destroyed in the week, i.e. if you get a rhino and got on a rampage you will be getting $150 for every car you shoot. what isn't clear is that it has a cap, once you blow up 34 cars you get nothing more, its capped at getting $5,000 a week. That is good to know, but it sucks. They should have at least had it max out at 10K. so if you died while going on a car killing rampage you would still make a profit.
  3. Are you talking about Trevor's hanger? Seems kind of lame if that is true, but that would fit with what I have experienced. I was able to store the jet in Trevor's hanger and now the other plane will no longer appear. I have had no problem storing multiple helicopters at any of the pads.
  4. The plane found near the Sonar Collections Dock is completely unrelated. For the Merryweather plane I just took the dingy up the river, gets a little tight but it is doable. I search some other parts of the Alamo sea and other then the Merryweather plane I have not yet found anything of interest.
  5. remember that the stocks wont change over the weekend... but I have had a big problem with stocks freezing. Ill invest in something while its low and then it will just stay where it is, no loss, no gain just stay there. It doesn't seem to matter how long I wait. So after the game is finished...
  6. Anyways, I thought it was a good ending. better then IVs. oh, and shame on everyone who rushed into the last mission with no secondary save. I would have thought that multiple saves was common sense by now.
  7. I can't even get the patch to load, guess that's a sign to stick to the single player for now.
  8. I love the way the countryside looks, I feel like I am really driving around Southern California sometimes. The details really pull it together.
  9. Yeah I could have sworn that the they said their would be air craft and water craft customization. And some of those missions have lasted me almost an hour. how the hell? Getting the boiler suit took you and hour? Yes it took me an hour... of course not smart ass. I never said the boiler suit mission took me an hour. I was referring to other missions in the game. what really bothers me about the missions are the heist themselves. I just wish there were a few more of them.
  10. Thank for the information, it will be useful but I have a question. Why does Redwood jump by 300% and when?
  11. And some of those missions have lasted me almost an hour.
  12. Running around with Trevor when I come up to a fence, guess I judge the distance wrong and hit [] to early. instead of smoothly jumping over he plopped over the fence head first and landed on his back. It was pretty funny at the time since I thought I was being real smooth.
  13. They did not make that clear at all. Why, and what the hell are those safehouse locations on my blueprint map for, GTA online? that's dumb. It seems like maybe they put a little to much efforts into GTAO for my taste... I dont want it to sound like a complaint, this is still probably the best game I have ever played, I love it and I look forward to the hours of enjoyment I will be getting from GTAV and GTAO... but yeah, no crouching is a little weird.
  14. You have to wait for the little icon to reappear on the map, but I dont think it takes a full day. try driving around a little and coming back.
  15. you know this really bothers me too. Its not that I am big on the characters being able to eat, I just dont understand why it would be removed when it have been apart of the series since SA. Same goes with the street vendors, those were a great way to restore health. Robbing a burger shot also would have been nice. I just dont get the point of removing it.