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  1. Annesburg Tavern actually has an interior... Can't get inside though, I've tried so many times!
  2. I plan, with the help of you all, to map RDR2's world based on screenshots and footage. We did it with GTA V and it turned out pretty accurate. Let's do it again! It's still too early to tell, and i might be barking up the wrong tree. But i have to start somewhere... And if we were to include that "leaked map", id' say it's somewhere in the heartlands. Although the river looks a lot more twisty, more like the one to the right of the map if i'm honest.
  3. I found some cool fishing spots out in Mexico way. One of them is a little wooden pier that doesn't appear on the map.
  4. I found a new out of the map spot after the new patch. Apparently, my last one for Arthur to get to Guarma was patched or stopped working for some people, so this was my response to that one no longer working.
  5. I know, i like mashing random songs with similar lyrics together. I do it IRL to piss off my wife when she starts singing around the house... 😂 I also finished my animal spawn data for outside of the map. Went around the entire map on three occasions.
  6. ...I couldn't get away! It doesn't look so far when you see it lol The mysterious man on Mt Hagen! Can you identify him?
  7. I did my best trying to get to the Northwest island... Damn you Tahiti!
  8. I didn't realize how well fortified the cotton factory was until I tried getting into it lol. And with all the workers roaming around inside of the walls, it does make me wonder if this was going to be for a mission or something...
  9. Heard some strange barking in Nuevo, as well as a lot more Mexican music.
  10. I'm currently collecting data on animal/horse/plant spawns outside of the map since we don't really have any data on it. We all know the odd general location to grab a horse, but not much else. Hopefully this will be helpful to us in some way, and well, it is the "mapping thread" after all. Click external for larger image. I've found that the horse spots are pretty random, but they are still within a radius, so they are more like "spawn zones" rather than the traditional "spawn point". More data is still needed though. Here's a little video of some of the most reliable horse spots I've found.
  11. I had to check out Kerosene & Tar, post-story...
  12. Re-did the passout scene for this video lol
  13. Yeah maybe the focal length on the camera is different to the in-game camera. It does seem a lot closer. But getting there took pretty long. I'm not even sure which part of the island I landed on. I may not have reached the tallest peak. But looking back at the video, it seems like I came in from this angle, and climbed up this way.
  14. Lol, part of me wanted to glitch down there, but i think it will be just a hole. And i can't spawn buggies or anything so it wouldn't be worth my effort anyway. Here's my new "Fastest Way to Guarma" Method
  15. No idea how far Guarma goes, but it certainly fills the entire map and then some!
  16. DuPz0r

    I need a good Camera...

    I'm in need of a digital camera that can produce clean sharp images and has a reasonable optical zoom. The resolution isn't really my concern, i just want a decent ISO/shutter/apature range to play around with. The catch is that i can't really afford a quality DSLR, so i'm looking more towards a mirrorless hybrid. So a compact with a decent size sensor & lens. Removable lenses if possible. My budget is about £250- £300 (Whatever that is in dollars). I know there is a couple of avid photographers on these forums, so i ask, can anyone recommend me a good camera in this price range? Edit/ That's my budget not including lenses and memory cards, i can buy those at a later date.
  17. I think the main reason they didn't make a 'gulf' is purely because of Guarma, they obviously wanted to hide it under the map, and the only way to do that was to create a massive chunk of land. So that just ended up connecting what we think should be the US and Mexico territory. That would have made sense though. And I'm sure the other side of the Lannahechee is meant to represent the USA, not Mexico personally. Mexico doesn't actually start until you're level with Blackwater, based on how the terrain looks. I know Mexico isn't all desert, but the land on the south side of Lannahechee could be either or.