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  1. Youre right. I think we are all getting bent out of shape for things we can’t be sure about. It’s probably not going to be nearly as bad as it might seem. As far as the story goes, I feel like it’s going to be a 3D open world version of Fallout Shelter, minus the NPCs. Which sounds fun to me as scavenging missions and such. I’m most excited for the setting though. Appalachia. I was born in East Tennessee, my family from there and I lived there for the first part of my life(before relocating to Alabama). Nestled in the Appalachian mountains. When I heard they were using the Appalachian folklore for monsters in the game I got pretty excited. It’s good to see that region potential shone in a more positive light as opposed to uneducated, backward red necks.
  2. Sounds like they can still kill you even if you say no. But, at least you don’t lose anything. And I like that he reassures is there is no griefing allowed, but I don’t understand how exactly the game engine “doesn’t allow it.” He says like a death claw, if you see another person you can just go the other way and they can’t mess with you. I find that hard to believe.
  3. I’m going to start by saying I’m not a PvP person. I don’t play games to test my skill against others. I play them with friends, to share the experience and to immerse my self in the world with them. The only thing that worried me about that doc was the lack of any private servers. I know when we played GtaO we did so because of the bastard griefers. They don’t offer us that. They’re counting on the map being so big that we just won’t run into to someone as easy. I feel like they’re not counting on people activity seeking out others just to blow them up. It happened in GTA Online, it happened when I played Red Dead online, it happened in Ark. any and every time I ran into a player they tried to kill me. Not because I had stuff they wanted, just because they could. Now seeing that I can’t load up the game and play solo, or with a select group of friends has put a hamper on my excitement. At least GTA online gave you the passive mode. With Todd saying he wants there to be drama without griefiness doesn’t help either. That statement makes it sound like he is trying to subtly encourage that kind of thing. It almost feels like it’ll be going into the battle royale category. No Raiders, no NPCs, only human players. It doesn’t exactly sound as great as it once did. Then again, I could very well be over reacting. I’ve still preordered the game and I’ll still be playing it. Everything might turn out fine. As everyone says: We’ll see.
  4. I hope I get the opportunity to emerge from the vault with some of you.
  5. I had no idea. Two years late myself. I remember he put me as a reference when he was becoming a cop...I wondered what happened to him.
  6. I've been gone for a while...lot going on with me. But here is an updated pic. Me and my laaaaady.
  7. Pics or didn't happen... oh wait O_o I wanna hear this story. I assumed all you Englishmen got into bar fights daily. All of them ending in getting stabbed in the head with a broken bottle.
  8. I can see that. But any real nigga knows: Flat bill is life.
  9. Just me indulging in a little run-o-the-mill insta-narcissism And for those of you who wish to know "What does he look like without sunglasses" I give you Casually-questioning-why-you-are-taking-a-picture-of-me-at-this-nice-bar Tanner