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  1. Rob


    This is shit. I'm basing this on fuck all info really except i deal with people all day. Games are how i escape the plethora of arseholes in this world. I don't want to have to deal with them in a virtual world too.
  2. Holy snapping duckshit. That's a $120 lunchbox. Holy snapping duckshit. That's a $120 lunchbox.
  3. Rob

    Mad Max

    This games Ok. Combat isn't bad. driving is a bit shit. I really want a handbreak. Best thing about it is I haven't tried to get in the left side of the car once yet.
  4. Rob

    iGTA Night - January 9 (PS4)

    Epic fun as always. great to hear your beautiful accents again. also some of the worst ausssie impressions I've heard in a while. Sorry I had to bail mid playlist. Kids are arseholes.
  5. Rob

    iGTA Night - January 9 (PS4)

    Alright.. I'll play Better get my tracksuit dry cleaned.
  6. Rob

    GTAO DLC Topic

    This is good and all but how about single player DLC
  7. Rob

    Post a picture of yourself

    "Minge mop" I'm using that.... to polish the wifes floorboards. If you know what I mean.
  8. Rob


    I also used to tell people I had the globe tattooed on my left testicle. When everyone called bullshit, I offered to show it. No one ever took me up.
  9. Rob

    Assassin's Creed

    AC has been a bargain bin special for me for years. Freedom Cry is a PS+ game this month anyway. That'll tide me over.
  10. Rob

    Post a picture of yourself

    Come to the dark side... We have dental
  11. Rob


    I saw years ago about a uv ink. So the tattoo is only visible under black light. I always wanted to get a tattoo with that ink of a ninja. So when people ask if I have any tatts I can say "yes, a ninja" and roll my sleave up. They say "there's nothing there" I reply "he's a very good ninja" Of course I have neither the inclination or money to actually go through with this.
  12. Rob

    Anybody smoke pot?

    my dealer lived behind my shed until easter. it now lives in various mason jars in and around my shed. much cheaper option.
  13. Rob

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I've been loving this game. Surprised no-ones talking about it on here.
  14. Rob

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    As always. Late to the party. Borrowed this off a mate Friday night and I'm loving it. Level 6 just gone to velen and the only gripe I have is loading time after dying. It would be quicker to just quit and reload. Other than that good game. Should tide me over till horizon zero dawn is more affordable
  15. Rob

    General Gaming Discussion (wholly fuck)

    Caught up with my mate with the VR headset on Friday night. Had a go at resident evil 7. I have to say it was fucking intense. But honestly, I probably wouldn't sit down and play a game in the headset. Yes it's immersive and was truly scary but it also feels restrictive somehow.