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  1. I made a new friend
  2. Nice. Metal lathe is a lot more practical that a wood lathe. A good mate has one and I waited for years for him to upgrade it so I could "borrow" his old one but got sick of waiting. Can't really do much useful with a wood lathe but as one friend said "I'll never need a chair leg again". My work is finally getting good enough I might be able to sell some at markets etc but I doubt I'd cover my costs much less time. And I'd rather be spinning than sitting at a stall peopling.
  3. Bump Hello beautiful people and Massacre long time no talk. I haven't been online much as I've got a new and pointless hobby. Wood turning! Because who doesn't need 70 odd wooden bowls. Anyway. Here's some stuff I've made Random turned stuff Hopefully I get to hear your beautiful accents soon. Xxx
  4. Rob


    This is shit. I'm basing this on fuck all info really except i deal with people all day. Games are how i escape the plethora of arseholes in this world. I don't want to have to deal with them in a virtual world too.
  5. Holy snapping duckshit. That's a $120 lunchbox. Holy snapping duckshit. That's a $120 lunchbox.
  6. Rob

    Mad Max

    This games Ok. Combat isn't bad. driving is a bit shit. I really want a handbreak. Best thing about it is I haven't tried to get in the left side of the car once yet.
  7. Epic fun as always. great to hear your beautiful accents again. also some of the worst ausssie impressions I've heard in a while. Sorry I had to bail mid playlist. Kids are arseholes.
  8. Alright.. I'll play Better get my tracksuit dry cleaned.
  9. Rob

    GTAO DLC Topic

    This is good and all but how about single player DLC
  10. "Minge mop" I'm using that.... to polish the wifes floorboards. If you know what I mean.
  11. Rob


    I also used to tell people I had the globe tattooed on my left testicle. When everyone called bullshit, I offered to show it. No one ever took me up.
  12. Rob

    Assassin's Creed

    AC has been a bargain bin special for me for years. Freedom Cry is a PS+ game this month anyway. That'll tide me over.
  13. Come to the dark side... We have dental
  14. Rob


    I saw years ago about a uv ink. So the tattoo is only visible under black light. I always wanted to get a tattoo with that ink of a ninja. So when people ask if I have any tatts I can say "yes, a ninja" and roll my sleave up. They say "there's nothing there" I reply "he's a very good ninja" Of course I have neither the inclination or money to actually go through with this.
  15. my dealer lived behind my shed until easter. it now lives in various mason jars in and around my shed. much cheaper option.