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    Apocalypse Night Montage, twitter upload. 30 seconds. Short and sweet. I may be doing more of these from now on.
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    Replaying GTAV for the first time in 3 years... forgot how good it is and I reckon it is still one of the better games around. Also, iGTA guides are the best written guides on the 'net... cheers guys.
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    My mom had her double mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed today. She made it through with no complications. Now on the road to a speedy recovery and being cancer free!
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    maaan fuck the critics, suicide squad was good!! ...
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    http://rsg.ms/8f03ad2 introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes... chaos... here's my stunt contest entry, upvote the fuck out of this, let the message be heard in the contest...
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    snapmatic winner right here... help me achieve maximum virgin status!! i call it, "shooting star"... http://rsg.ms/29d4e80
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    I’ve heard it happens to everyone at some point in their life but I just never thought it would happen to me.... I’m going through my Beatles phase. God help me and anyone who has to hang out with me for the next year or so.
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    damn... RIP tom petty ... also, holy jeebus, las vegas... what a day full of tragedy...
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    Everyone get ready to blow your load then wait another year of celibacy. I'll get the warm towels prepared.
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    RIP Bill Paxton. Loved your work
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    i guess i'll just post it here... i made a new youtube intro using little big planet 3!! i swear, there's nothing you can't do in that game... here it is;
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    I'm wearing dark jeans, a red plaid shirt and black boots, and my hair is in a top-knot bun. Apparently I'm cosplaying my GTA character today.
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    hey gtagrl, here's that beer i was drinking tuesday... it has a kick ass label ...
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    Take a look at @BushkaUK's Tweet: ?
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    Welp, I spent yesterday stacking firewood and had a moose roast in the slow cooker all day. I feel extra Canadian today.
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    My new 2017 Mustang GT Premium
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    Things that only happen to River. Seeing a nude on facebook posted accidently in story feed, turns into nude photoshoot with girl later. Girl masturbates in front of her bf while I take pics. /end things that only happen to River.
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    I honestly don't understand why people find me so repulsive. I have a big mouth but I try to be honest and kind to everyone, and treat people with respect. Maybe there is something innately in me that just rejects society, anti social genes.
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    I guess R. Lee Ermey is yelling at angels now...
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    Gotta love it when GTAO glitches and gives you easier daily objectives than the ones you had. Even better when the capture lobby I join is with one other guy who is also there for the objective and neither one of us care to actually play the game.
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    I think I'm looking foward to Spiderman more than I am RDR2. Yeah I said it.
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    man fuck Microsoft. I want Cuphead.
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    Gunrunning DLC confirmed for June 13. https://www.rockstargames.com/videos/video/11718
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    Red Dead 2 delayed?! Who'da thunk it? Didn't see that one coming.
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    New Twin Peaks series is fucking incredible. Innovative and very Lynchian. I'm stunned at how incredible and abstract it is. Haven't seen Lynch do anything this abstract since Eraserhead. It's definitely not for the casual viewers but anyone who is a fan will be amazed.
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    Pro Tip: Don't consign on a phone plan that isn't yours. I'm sure that sounds trivial, but when there's a girl and a smooth salesman involved sense kinda slips away. So past self, fuck you.
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    I started a business course earlier in the year. Had and passed my first test this week. It's like being back at uni(minus the weed and girls).
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    So no more IGTA night for me for a while. Enrolled in some night classes so i can be a factory drone and work with metal. Yay! Ill miss you guys though
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    fix my erectile dysfunction please...
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    So I wonder if this means the RDR2 hype train will leave the station soon since they just freed "returning player exclusives" to everyone in GTAO. Kind of like when IV's expansions came to PS3 finally and when Xbox players got the PS3 exclusives for RDR. As if they are cleaning house and making people happy before moving on to the next big project... Hmmm...
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    Toonami won April Fools day. replacing Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super with a new episode of Rick and Morty on repeat. People are pissed.
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    just got RTd by the elder scrolls twitter account... that's 3 different games now... gta, hitman, and now elder scrolls... i'm officially a certified professional game photographer ...
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    Let's sit down by the fire with our Wayne Gretzky dolls and sip on maple syrup, eh?
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    if you can't see the tweet i shared, check my profile... i know a number of you will fucking flip out when you see the news...
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    for some god damn reason, i cannot watch this without laughing, every single fucking time ...
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    lol, gary busey is the new elusive target in hitman this weekend ...
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    So we have a new female Prime Minister. Feels like another Maggie Thatcher regime is incoming. #Thatcherism Not a bad thing really.
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    Red Dead Redemption Guides for anyone playing through again: http://www.ireddead.com/guides/
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    Welp I graduated, what the fuck do I do with my life now?
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    you can now uploaded 140 second clips on twitter... cool... you can now upload 1 minute clips on vine... not cool...
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    The new Xbone-Slim looks like a white PS2 Fat ?