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  1. It wasn’t a dream...England actually won a penalty shoot out...

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      It wasn’t a dream...Firm actually posted something on the forum feed...

    2. Qdeathstar


      American ain’t in the shit #whocares

    3. Firm


      Pretty much everyone outside North America.

  2. Vintage/classic car show in Wollaton.
  3. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    I honestly can’t tell if I’m being complimented or insulted...Probably the latter Either way
  4. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    Embracing the baldness for this months mid-life crisis. Looking very 1312
  5. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    Dupzzz! I hope you’re getting tanked up in yer garden! It’s fucking glorious in England this weekend.
  6. Firm

    Injury stories

    Another beauty to add to the collection. I’ll soon have more scars than Al Capone....
  7. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    Looking good homies. I’ve been trying to recapture my youth and put some muscle back on.
  8. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    I joined the “New year new me” cunt brigade. 22 days into dry January - no alcohol or cigarettes. Look how old, frail and sad I look...
  9. Shit end to a shit year

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Firm


      Glad to see the back in of it.

    3. Brian


      I'm tryna watch the ball drop on my phone so I can shit simultaneously between 2017 and 2018. I've never shit in 2 different years at the same time before. 

    4. CFO Charles

      CFO Charles

      This seems to be the consensus 

  10. The best Christmas film at the drive-in...I didn’t realise these things still existed
  11. Hmmm. Might shave my head :mellow:

  12. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    My only contribution to this site is posting pictures of myself...You lucky devils. This is this morning PS I’m a Snapchat wanker. And I shaved off the minge mop.
  13. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    Is the dark side looking like a fucking hipster? Because if so I’ve nailed it...
  14. Firm


    Back of the leg or my calf maybe. Or as Q suggested. A nice little spunk target for my lower back.
  15. Firm

    Post a picture of yourself

    Grows a "beard" once. Now can't live without one...