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  1. I really hope that his will be "GTA VI". I think this could be done with expansion packs (kids call them DLC today). After developing and publishing the original-GTA VI Rockstar could just focus on making new cities and storylines, instead of unnecessary graphics polishing. I mean, I want to see new cities, I don't give a rats dick about graphics - it's all about the gameplay and open world.
  2. Agree with this guy. GTA IV's minigames were not that good, but they made the game world feel more alive. In Red Dead Redemption, however, Rockstar really stepped up. I'm hoping that GTA V will have lots of different types of minigames and also have some rewards tied to them (like RDR's outfit rewards for playing poker, liar's dice etc). I sincerely do not believe that minigames take anything away from actual gameplay, because lets face it, professional programmes can scratch them up in an afternoon!
  3. Hey all, didn't find topics about this.. Do you think GTA V should have some sort of "hard mode"? Something like: One shot can kill you (and enemies, too). Wearing body armor should probably just knock you down or something.. When suffering bullet wounds that do not kill you, you should seek bandages and painkillers. Maybe these wounds could have an effect on your performance until getting medical care in hospital Crashing a car when driving 200km/h equals death When you get shot in legs, you can't walk (though should auto-heal after a little while) Completing the game with these kind of settings would probably be close to impossible, but might be interesting to try it out. My personal favorite would be the one shot -> one kill, applied to the player character AND A.I. characters as well. What do you guys think?