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  1. You're probably right. It'd be a mix of Ford and Dodge, so it'd be a good name for a muscle car manufacturer.
  2. Yeah it's from the helicopter. There's another one in the Infernus pic. Now you know when you're being aimed at, and where from.
  3. Hmm, interesting... I am definitely leaning toward this being a new vehicle - I checked a list of vehicles in the IV universe for six-letter names, none seemed to be a match. It could be the name of the manufacturer rather than the model. The Turismo in GTA IV had Grotti written in the engine bay iirc, and the Dodge Challenger IRL has Dodge written on the back in a similar central location.
  4. Welcome to a GTA fansite. We like to try and find the subtle things. If you just want to admire the screenshots, go here: http://www.igta5.com...ial-screenshots If you want to troll, find another forum.
  5. B O _ D G/C E? It could be some kind of play on of Dodge. It's very difficult to get it readable though. I'll keep playing and see what I get.
  6. Any idea what the blue car is? I originally thought it was a Banshee, but now I'm not so sure. I think it might be a retro/classic car instead.
  7. The laser sight is coming from the helicopter in both shots. The idea is you know when you're being aimed at, and where it's coming from. Whether we will have laser sights on player weapons remains to be seen but I'd say it's pretty likely - at least in multiplayer anyway, when those huge deathmatch games can get pretty confusing if you're being shot from all directions.
  8. DuffMan

    360 vs PS3

    THIS THIS THIS. Firstly, the community is much better. You still get a few kiddies screaming down the mic like a spacker. But the extra cash for online generally stops there parents buying live so you don't see as many of them. It's also more reliable. I had live in 2008 and on my internet (think back then it was 5MB internet) and I rarely had issues. The few times I did my internet connection was just being poor. Similarly in 2008 a friend brought a PS3 over. It dropped connection during/after about 3 games of FIFA and Call of Duty 4, EVERY TIME. We'd then turn on the 360 and try online on that. No issues whatsoever. I think it was just at PSN's end and it may have been fixed but it was definitely a turn off. I didn't get a PS3 until the next year, and even then it only cost me a fiver because it wouldn't read games (Blu-ray movies were kosher) and somebody had beaten the shell with a katana. Oh, and I much preferred the 360's controller. It doesn't feel as cheap and light and is much more precise with the analogs. The dualshock 3 analogs feel very loose and also get the issue where they wont center properly far more, (I've never seen an issue with the xbox controller not centering correctly, and I used to play 360 7 hours a day, daily. You say this like its a fact. Its opinion and personal experience. I rarely meet a screaming kid online, and I feel the community is great. You cannot say that community is better on Xbox. It's different people, different experiences so you cannot compare. I have rarely had connection issues on PS3. Again, not a fact that Xbox is better for that side of things as well. You bought a beat up PS3 and base your opinions off that? I prefer the PS controller. All of what you just said is your opinion. You stated it like it's all fact when its all about PERSONAL OPINION AND EXPERIENCES. If you're confused, I'm sure you can find a Firefox extension that automatically adds "IMO" or "IME" to the end of every sentence of forum posts. The nature of posting under a password protected account makes it pretty obvious that the content of said post is going to come from that person's opinions and past experiences. Just a suggestion, as the rest of us can get by perfectly well without it.
  9. DuffMan

    360 vs PS3

    That's probably the most intelligent post I've ever seen in any of these kinds of threads, and I don't see how anyone can disagree. Well done sir.
  10. If I'm being picky, it's a shame that, as with the previous screens, the sand/dust kickup just appears to be a grainy blur filter rather than something with real volume. It looked better in the trailer though so maybe I'm being too quick to judge. The open window to the mansion in the tennis court shot looks promising. And I'm glad to see parachutes are back, and in the main game. Hopefully it means the game takes itself less seriously from the outset - GTA IV was a bit too serious, TBOGT was much better balanced.
  11. There will be dozens of screenshots out when the game is released. Chances are some of them will have a car in the frame.
  12. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Pfft, I can't read. Firstly, fuck off talking about map packs already. Secondly, I agree. I know you can set requirements for the hit as well as the targets themselves, but there is going to be a point where it gets old. Then again, it's still fun to play missions from the old games. As long as there are lots of ways of eliminating each target, it should be okay. Hopefully IO will release some decent scenarios of their own throughout the year; holiday themed missions could be pretty fun.
  13. I will, but I'll wait for the special/limited editions to be announced first. Well, pointless having two. i had a old IGTAV and entered the contest but then i couldnt get into my account, i then made a new email and made a new account, then posted my date again, is that considerd cheating? Yes it is. Sorry.
  14. The only engine we got to hear properly was the red convertible revving at the traffic lights, and it sounded just as flat and lifeless as the cars in GTA IV.
  15. I don't know how they put up with it. There's a warning on virtually every page on the Newswire now, I'm surprised they haven't switched to a zero tolerance policy. It's pretty obvious that anyone who goes out of their way to spam Rockstar's website is too young (physically or mentally) to be playing GTA. I suppose Rockstar doesn't want to be in the news for depriving special children of their freedom...
  16. Okay, let's just save the petty argument and get on with the topic.
  17. posting from my Xbox. this isnt bad at all...

  18. Awesome. I don't know what I actually did so I'm pretty happy with that.