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  1. Oooh, I've never ever played LBP. Thanks for the heads up EDIT: oh ffs, PSN is down atm Fuck you Sony.
  2. Maybe you could all play Destiny with me?? ...... no? alright then.....
  3. Word filters are for fine gentlemans. This is the land of the free.
  4. I login and get a notification that Brian has posted a status update. Thanks, Invision
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    The whole conversation is irrelevant because everyone will fork out for it regardless.
  6. I think GTA 6 is a real possibility. GTA is the big money spinner, and we know from the bullshit that is GTA Online that Rockstar are all about the monies now.
  7. If smoking has caused your lungs to work inefficiently they can begin to hyperinflate to compensate. More likely it's just genetic. inb4 "my penis has almost record-breaking capacity"
  8. No one here? *faps*

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      Who deleted my topic?

  9. $100,000 doesn't even get you a sports car. I lost $40,000 just messing around in Free Mode last night. Money is too easily lost to want to pay out loads in shark cards.
  10. I may be totally wrong, but I think RP is levelled when playing on your own. I did a couple of races earlier and received the same RP I would have expected pre-update.
  11. They'll probably make it so you need a million job points in your current session to play a heist mission or something... Which will be a pain in the arse if you get randomly dropped from MP and lose them all.
  12. I'm seeing this being said a lot. What does it even mean? Your game has no bearing on what other people can see or do - you still need to grind RP to access high power weaponry. Here's an idea: don't make it take a whole day of grinding Boneyard Survival to buy even the cheapest of the supercars and people won't need to use exploits.
  13. Crews don't stick together in team game modes. Teams are ALWAYS balanced by level. I keep being offered 2 player missions when there are four of us in the same crew in free mode. It costs $1725 every time a griefer destroys my Coquette. The Mechanic can never get to you when you are in the middle of nowhere and the only time you can't get hold of another car quickly.
  14. The mission where 4 people in jets chase 4 people on dirt bikes over the hills and into Los Santos. That's really good fun.
  15. GTA Online sounds like a fucking disaster. I'm almost glad mine doesn't work. Almost.

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      CaPn bOnEs

      don't knock it till you try it... it's been pretty fun so far... i've avoid random freeroams though, it's either solo or with crew members for me...

  16. "It dosn't work" is probably top of my list. On all but one occasion I've tried logging in to GTAO it spawns me at the first race and then hangs. I've created a character and it seems to have saved, but that's about it. On the other occasion it spawned me in a "temporary" GTAO world, where I started off with a random character but nothing would be saved. As soon as I spawned someone was shooting me. I calmly drove to an Ammu-Nation, picked up the shotgun that came as part of the CE, shot him, then quit because I didn't fancy replaying anything when the game gets sorted out. Getting a bit sick of trying to play it now to be honest. They worked on this game for five years, fuck knows what they were doing when testing it. Which bright spark thought forcing everyone on launch week into a mandatory race lobby was going to work?
  17. A limit of 10 entries is pretty homosexual. I'm going to enter anyway*, fuck the system. *If I remember
  18. You don't need skills to grind cash either, though. There will inevitably be easy ways of making money that mean you just need to spend hours repeating the same mission over and over.
  19. Alternatively it's a fast-track method for people that don't have the time to grind money. I don't have an issue with that, as long as it doesn't give an unfair advantage. It depends what sort of scale we're talking about with cash and what you're able to do it. It's one solution to the issue with previous games where people who are able to spend hours and hours ranking up get a massive advantage over casual players/people just starting out. Let's wait and see first... Un-Rockstar-y or not, micro-transactions are worth a lot of money. Everyone is doing it.
  20. I think we need to wait and see what GTA Online has in store. If the hype is to be believed it's basically another full game on top.
  21. I had a brilliant one earlier today. I was in an SUV on the freeway when I came up to some guy in a pickup towing a trailer. I tried pitting him with his trailer a couple of times, failed, and then just randomly rammed the actual car. Next thing I know he's got the arse on and starts crashing back into me. I get in front of him and slam on my brakes to see what would happen. He comes flying through the windscreen, over my car (at freeway speed), and straight under my wheels. Damn near pissed myself.