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  1. If you quote their post after you've moved/merged it, they'll know.
  2. Because memory and loading times. If consoles had more memory and used SSDs you could have more interiors than you could shake a stick at. GTA 4 had a lot of issues with pop-in and un-rendered textures and while the engine will be better optimised in V, the hardware will still be seven years old. I hope that answers your rhetorical question.
  3. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    I completed the Sniper Challenge the other day. Sucks that I have to wait so long for the actual game... That playthrough video is sick.
  4. Do you think Sony/Microsoft would allow anyone to release screenshots of games running on hardware they haven't confirmed the existence of yet? Even if they did, don't you think the graphics might look a little bit sharper than they do right now? Pretty good confirmation that this is still current generation hardware.
  5. Most games look better when they are upscaled and have stronger anti-aliasing. That wasn't really the point I was trying to make.
  6. Go to edit your signature and flick the light switch in the top left of the box to turn off the real text editor. You should just need to click save.
  7. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Has anyone seen the 'Deluxe Professional Edition' they announced a few days ago? Basically another £20 for a shitty bobblehead. I would actually be interested if it was a proper statue. Also, for the sniper challenge I've worked out a method to earn 700,000 points in 90 seconds. Shouldn't take too long to get to the 50 million you need to unlock everything now. I'm currently sitting at 26 mill with all challenges unlocked.
  8. I bought it in a sale just before Christmas for £22.50. Well over 100 hours later I'd say it was money well spent. Definitely buy. Bethesda hasn't caught the 'launch a new game every year' bug... yet. Though they do like releasing lots of DLC, there's plenty of content in the original game to keep you occupied.
  9. Do file sizes matter if there hosted elsewhere (ie, imgur)? Yeah. I don't think you can host sig images here anyway.
  10. The problem with the limits IPB can set is that they aren't flexible enough. For example we could set a limit of 550x250 for signature images, but you could still have four 549x249 images stacked alongside and on top of each other, and I don't think anyone wants to be limited to just one image in their sig. 'Lines' also mean nothing. This paragraph counts as a 'line', but so does a 250px high image. I don't think URLs are going to be a problem. We have a max height for the signature field set in the CSS so that it will be cut off if it's any higher than 250 pixels (like yours, Kuz). Aside from excessive file sizes I don't think we need to do any more enforcement than that.
  11. Even by 2004 standards (fuck, it's been nearly 8 years already) the graphics in SA are shit. Since this forum is for GTA 5 discussion I shall move this topic to its rightful home.
  12. How weird!!! I was fucking right! That don't usually happen. Should of put a bet on. Given England's history they were probably offering 1/100 on them getting knocked out in the quarters (on penalties no less).
  13. The thing with the sneaking and the dumb AI always reminds me of the original MGS. *knock knock* "Huh, what was that noise? Hmm..." "Who's footprints are these?" Oh gee, maybe there's an intruder, but they just go back to their posts and don't say anything to anyone...
  14. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Does instinct include the built-in wallhack or is that something different? You're right about it allowing you to focus on planning a mission rather than wait around and find out what the NPCs paths are for yourself. I'm not sure I'll use it much though, and it will definitely stay off after the first playthrough. The dead eye ripoff will be too fun to use to not use at all, but it's also a great way to lose that Silent Assassin rating. I quite like the wallhack thing though. It's a much more efficient way of displaying NPC locations without constantly having to use the magical map (which has always been there, so people can't complain about it being easier, it's just more convenient).
  15. There's nothing massive. There's a Fort, a castle, a mountainous area just outside the normal map, and a couple of new caves/ruins. It's all the original map, although most of it is out to the far sides.
  16. Bought Dawnguard on Saturday. Main quest was a little short (it's virtually the same whether you play as a vampire or a member of the Dawnguard, I chose vampire) but I like the new Vampire Lord mechanic and Dragonbone weapons. From what I've played I can't say it was necessarily worth 1600 Microsoft Points but it's good fun. I suppose I'll need to make a new character at some point and play through as a member of the Dawnguard to get the full experience but I can't see it being better than playing as a vampire - I've already done some vampire slaying in the main game, didn't feel the need to do anymore. Happy to answer any questions if you have any.
  17. Could try http://www.piriform.com/RECUVA
  18. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Yes. It's not the best game in the series but it's still great and it's dirt cheap.
  19. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    This is the only game I'm interested in this year. I was interested in the Forza spinoff too but it looks pretty shit. Already pre-ordered the Professional Edition You played the sniper challenge yet? For anyone who's wondering it's a mini-game you get to play if you pre-order - http://hitmansniper.com/ I completed all the challenges within a day and now I'm grinding to the 50,000,000 score you need to unlock all the upgrades in the final game. I'm at 19,000,000 atm so I should definitely have it done in time, it's just a little repetitive. So rewarding if you get the Silent Assassin rating though.
  20. Would that mean having to create a forum theme-that-no-one-will-use for each website? >_>
  21. Would suck if they pulled the same trick twice though. They've already done bigfoot to please the children, no need to do it again.