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  1. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    The figurine is even more shit in the flesh. Also, the professional edition box looks like it's made of flimsy cardboard. That's disappointing. I thought a metal tin was the standard for limited editions.
  2. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    despite how you feel on color, if you plan on selling it at some point a year later, white is the way to go... most people put it in a gigantic protective case anyways, negating the color in the first place... but for some reason, white has a better resell value... O_o Why would you buy something based on what it would be worth in the future? Buy what you want, and if you can't take the financial hit, you need to rethink what you're buying
  3. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    If/when I get one, it'll be black. I'd never have a white phone. I don't get why you'd have something which such a brilliant display and then ruin the visual contrast of it by having a white bezel. Black bezel is better for everything.
  4. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    Difference between Apple and Samsung though is that Apple can support their phones with firmware updates for (more than) two years. With most Android phones you're left in the dark after a year.
  5. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    I think people complaining about the small step from 4S => 5 are missing the point (although I don't think it's such a small step as everyone claims). iPhone contracts are minimum two years so that's how often most people would be upgrading their phone. When you look at 3GS => 4S or 4 => 5, they represent pretty sizeable updates. People who upgrade every year do exactly that, regardless of what comes out.
  6. Hello unemployment! Until Monday, anyway...

  7. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    You're comparing the US price on a two year contract to the UK price unlocked/off-contract. And yes it's £529. hmm, what is the US price then for a pay as you go ip5, because I am sure the cheapest one was $200. Peoples don't realise but it's actually cheaper in the long run to not buy phones with a contract. It can save you about £150-200 in the uk. EDIT Just checked the US apple website, and it says from $199 for the iphone 5. Annoys me that people from the UK have to pay much more than others. See the 1? Won't know what the unlocked price is in the US until tomorrow.
  8. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    You're comparing the US price on a two year contract to the UK price unlocked/off-contract. And yes it's £529.
  9. DuffMan

    Mobile Devices

    Tempted to buy one. Not even had my Lumia 800 for a year but thanks to no upgrade path to WP8, it won't be long before I can't get new apps/updates. The 4" screen is what the iPhone needed, the 3.5" screen on my 1st gen iPod touch is just too small. My Lumia has a 3.7" screen which is better but not brilliant for reading websites in portrait mode (Pentile screen tech doesn't help with this either). 4" is probably the perfect size for me/my hands without getting into silly screen size territory where it's impossible to reach the entire screen with one thumb. Don't know when I'll get one exactly, I can live with my Lumia for a while longer since it hasn't put a foot wrong so far. Though if I leave it too long I'll end up waiting for iPhone 6 anyway...
  10. I like the better mpg but I don't like how a lot of manufacturers are turning cylinders into turbos for new models e.g. V8s into twin turbo V6s. I know it's to meet emissions standards and the mpg increase wouldn't be possible without turbos, but you lose the noise and no fancy tuned exhaust can get around it. I also wish they'd make turbos worse by raising the pressure and increasing turbo lag. Part of the fun in a turbo car is the lag you get in a high pressure turbo. When it's just small enough to cover the lost cubic capacity, the fun is gone. Then again, turbos mean modern cars will be easier to map when they turn cheap in a few years time...
  11. I'm into fast practical cars just out of my budget The Golf GTI I have now is the slowest they ever made, it's nice to drive - if a little soft when on full attack - but I'll be looking to chop it in in a few months time. I was looking at an R32 for my next car but now I've have a Golf, although I like it, I'd like to get something different. I wouldn't mind an E46 M3 or an S4 but the commute to my new job would make it impossible to sustain with the fuel bills and maintenence costs, so I'm looking at a E46 330ci M-Sport for my next car - 230hp, RWD, 3.0l straight 6, and 30mpg, plus full leather interior, upgraded sound system, and some other toys...
  12. My Mk4 GTI is costing me a small fortune in minor repairs-that-will-turn-into-major-ones-if-they-don't-get-done. I don't even plan on keeping it that long, it's slow as fuck. What happened to yours? A lot of problems have cropped up since I had mine. This recent one (and final one) though was due to the cambelt snapping and in turn ruining the head? (not too sure on a lot of car technical stuff) which would have meant a £500 bill. It's a sad day as I happen to love VW cars Was that bad luck or was it overdue a cambelt replacement? Cambelt is probably the most important part in a car so was the first thing I did when I got mine, no history of it ever being changed at 111000 miles (should be gone every 60k) and I figured a £300 bill was better than a dead car. If it snaps when you're on the move you would be a lottery winner to not end up looking at an engine rebuild (as apparently you weren't )
  13. My Mk4 GTI is costing me a small fortune in minor repairs-that-will-turn-into-major-ones-if-they-don't-get-done. I don't even plan on keeping it that long, it's slow as fuck. What happened to yours?
  14. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Sweet video. I can see Contracts mode eating up a fair few extra hours.
  15. Boils my piss when (relatively) reputable gaming sites use Michael Pachter as a source of analysis, despite him always being wrong about everything http://www.gamesradar.com/xbox-720-could-get-pushed-back-2014-says-analyst/

    1. Rayge


      I'ts just there to cause controversy within the cesspool of noobs present there

    2. Brian


      I boil piss when I run out of something to drink in the house.

  16. It's caused by when the hardware can't load and render the textures quickly enough. In most cases it's nothing wrong with your hardware, it's more that the game is too graphically intense and/or is poorly optimised. It wasn't such a problem in GTA IV because it had low-res textures for the ground which could be loaded more quickly, followed by the full resolution textures. This is why you sometimes see the road turn blurry and then become sharper all of a sudden. Older consoles can start to slow down so you may see it happening more often, but there's not a lot you can do about it.
  17. 1. & 2. Hardware limitations mean they can't fill the world. I don't get how you can complain about constantly crashing and then say there isn't enough traffic. You can't have both. 3. Damage models take up memory. Was GTA IV really that bad? Of course they'll be improved but you aren't going to get a crash dummy simulator. Though when talking about video games, I think people's perception of "realism" is somewhat skewed and short sighted... 4. You never played GTA IV then?
  18. Yeah I'm not dropping my pants to be arseraped with that. Which reminds me, I saw they're still bringing out new expansion packs for The Sims 3.
  19. It's really difficult to post in this thread without insulting anyone for being so stupid. Though, I have learned that a high IQ doesn't mean you make intelligent decisions. ... No, I wouldn't buy into it.
  20. The BF3 (Formerly CoD) crowd has moved to it. Yeah I had to play a few games of Classic with some Irish guy telling his equally Irish friend how it was "like Search and Destroy" (and took about five attempts to get him to vaguely understand what was going on). ... As you may have guessed, I bought it this afternoon. Won a game of Arms Race on my third attempt. It's great playing a simple shooter on XBL where people don't crap out mysteriously short-fused grenades after they've died, or people you have to kill twice. Perks and constant flashy things are boring/distracting/imbalanced.
  21. Just finished playing the XBLA demo. It's fun, and I like the perk-less, balanced gameplay a lot - it's refreshing to go back to basics. I just see it getting repetitive. I guess I'm not the gamer I used to be. One thing I thought was cute was how you get called a proud american by fully grown adults for any of the following: - Not killing someone - Being killed - Taking someone elses kill - Taking out a camper - Camping - Killing someone - Owning the whole game And yes, I got all of that within 45 minutes.