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    Microsoft fucked up Won't be pre-ordering the PS4 - will be too busy with GTA V and I want a new TV first - but I'll have one eventually. I'll be sticking an SSD in that bitch, too.
  2. PS4 it is then. New games better not be £55 for long though.

  3. I guess that, unlike most games, there is actually a finite supply of limited edition copies. Or they're trying to get you to pre-order from the Warehouse, which is what I've done.
  4. Interesting they call it "additional" though. Presumably there is a map for the standard game too, just not as big/fancy.
  5. New contest: Guess how long it will be before someone begins a boycott of GTA V.

  6. I guess I'm eating humble pie. My copy arrived today and while it's far from perfect, it's a very fun game. I'm just wary of completing it because there won't be any enemies to kill at the end of it? We'll see. I love how it forces you to hunt. I'm surprised they don't let you buy skins/pelts but I'm glad they haven't. It makes you work for your upgrades. Have to say, I love the tattau mechanic as well.
  7. You only need a current license to get support and access to updates.
  8. If anyone has the email address of the ad money guy, or has a spare $185 to donate towards a new forum/chat license, let me know and we can get the chat going again.
  9. Without looking into it I imagine it's because both the chat license (which gave us up to 20 people in chat iirc) and the forum license (which gives 5 users free) have expired. Whoevers holding the ad money these days needs to get their fucking finger out
  10. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    Well, I just completed the story. There's still a metric shitload of things to do though. I think I might try to collect all the disguises first. Any excuse to run in and kill everyone >_>
  11. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    So I played a little bit this evening. Despite all the clues you're given in the challenges about sneaky ways of killing the targets (which half ruins the fun of finding them in the first place, but anyway) I still end up killing everyone. Seeing how many people you can stab in the throat with a screwdriver without being seen is too much fun. Only thing is it gives you negative score for killing civilians, so you feel a bit guilty afterwards.
  12. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    ShopTo emailed me to say my copy has been despatched, which should mean it's ready on the doormat for me when I get home from work tomorrow night. Won't get a decent chance to play it until the weekend, but dammit I'll do my best.
  13. Okay, the dark skin is now default, and I've used that logo in the banner for the time being. Doesn't look great but at least it looks like part of the same website.
  14. No there wasn't. I released it as a work in progress and everyone said it was shit, so it never got finished. The light skin is still the default one.
  15. DuffMan

    360 vs PS3

    I've got to agree on the advertising on the 360 dash. It's getting pretty horrendous now: http://www.igta5.com...-xbox-dashboard There are three times as many menus as there needs to be, simply because there are so many adverts on show all the time. If you're not convinced, try disconnecting from Live and see how much of a difference there is. It's especially irritating when you're paying £40 a year for a supposedly 'premium' subscription. I wouldn't mind quite so much if they were actually targeted, as Microsoft claims they are, but I keep getting adverts for DLC packs for games I've never played or even viewed in the Marketplace. I don't care about the latest map pack for MW3, I don't own a Kinect so I don't care about games that support it, and I really don't care about downloading music through my Xbox. It's just messy and encourages you to ignore all the ads, and makes basic tasks like watching trailers you've downloaded or even just getting to the right section of the Marketplace an unnecessarily convoluted process.
  16. I don't know why people are expecting massive discounts. The administrators job is to get as much money as possible from the current stock, not clear out the warehouses before the weekend. Employees still need to be paid. The fire sale won't be for a few days yet.
  17. DuffMan

    Hitman Series

    I've given up watching these videos. There would be no point playing the game, they show you everything.
  18. *deletes spam posts* Has this topic been done before? No. Is there a specific topic to discuss? Yes. Less of the backseat moderation please. You know where the report button is if you're really desperate.
  19. A start/menu screen is a definite must. GTA IV was really backwards in how it automatically loaded the latest save, whether you wanted it or not. To me, it seems pretty obvious to offer options like Continue/New/Load/Episode Select/Multiplayer on a menu screen first, before the game loads. Anyone remember how long it took to join a friends game if they were playing a different Episode to you? You'd load up into vanilla then have to load up all over again into TLAD/TBOGT just to join their party. Online gaming shouldn't be like that anymore.
  20. Something about GameInformer magazine. Looking forward to the scans to see how little they actually reveal about the game.

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      lolwut, Piefag is still a moderator?

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      hope some info comes from rockstar before the game informer issue though

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  21. To be fair his visor had misted up and froze so he couldn't see the ground.