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  1. FUCK! Think of it this way guys, it always seems better to play when it gets dark earlier and isn't as nice outside. Playing V in the summer wouldn't feel right anyway. And now it will be more polished than ever.
  2. I hope the guy you are controlling doesn't feel like he weights 900 lbs and doesn't go down down stairs like the game is glitching.
  3. How about a 3 second seat belt mini-game? If you miss, you risk being thrown out the windshield.
  4. They are probably waiting for Bioshock and a few others to come out first. Bioshock getting delayed screwed us over! Fuckers!
  5. Sounds like they are working on box art and just play testing it now. Does this mean it could be at the beginning of the launch window rather than the end?
  6. I hate realism. Remember in Vice when you blew someone's head off? Blood would shoot out of the top of their head like a gyser. That shit was hilarious. Now you can't even have fun on a motorcycle without worrying about dying if you fall off even once. Fuck realism it's ruining what a video game should be.
  7. I could care less but I'm going to be furious if they don't explode when they're totaled.
  8. I had a $1 street taco in Cabo that was the best I've ever eaten
  9. And guaranteed during the window they've given. Unless the world ends next month of the fiscal cliff turns our country into another afganistan.
  10. It's probably almost ready now, I bet they spend probably spend the next six months polishing it to make it even better. Sales will be much, much better in the spring anyway.
  11. If they can deliver on a trailer like that the game is going to be the best of all time. Makes you wonder if IV was just a test run to see what worked and what didn't. V looks like R*'s baby to me.
  12. It's going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong 7 months
  13. Word of the day is they have already started talking about DLC. Either include it on the disk or don't insult us by announcing it until the game is out okay R*?