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  1. I completed AC3 in 2 days. I'm a little disapointed that the mainstory is short.
  2. If you look behind that guy with that sniper rifle and his quat, you see a cactus and cactus=desert
  3. I have a question. Do you guys think I schould buy Far Cry 3 or AC3?
  4. Bucks knife hunt gameplay mission.
  5. For me it was that mission where you need to control that toy plane in SA dont know what the name is.
  7. I like to have this on a radio station in GTA 5 Kendrick Lamar-The recipe,ADHD BG Knocc Out-Dats how im living MC Ren-Final frontier Spice 1-187 he wrote,face of a desparate man,Trigga gots no heart Eazy E-The muthafucking real South Central Cartel-All day everyday
  8. PROfound-bodied
  9. Its about time someone made a topic about rap/hip-hop(I couldnt do it because I cant make no topics anymore) If you like rap or hip hop ive got some underground rappers to check out.(new generation) PROfound Kendrick Lamar Saigon Dizzy Wright PRO ERA Freddie Gibbs Clear Soul Forces Oddisee DTMD Jon Connor Big Krit
  10. Part 1 part 2 More gameplay(singeplayer)