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  1. Well done on finding the quarry!
  2. If you're having problems stealing the military jet/exploring the base:
  3. If you haven't watched Meltdown in game yet, go see it.

  4. The Car Scrapyard is a scam. It says it will pay out $150 per week per car destroyed. It actually caps it at $5000. Would be nice if they had told me that. Fucking game.

    1. GunSmith


      ^proud american

      Deleting your comments. You ain't got no honor.

    2. Santiago
    3. GunSmith


      Grow up, santiago.

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  5. I've had Trevor wake up against a rock at the top of a mountain wearing a torn dress. The quick way down was on a dirtbike. That was hilarious.
  6. Main story complete. I'm rich (x3) but how the fuck am I supposed to buy the golf club?

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      drive a cab around... might take 10 more years but...

    2. DuffMan


      My richest character has $36m. I'm not sure how I can influence the stock market that much.

    3. DuffMan


      Although, to a point, it's pretty irrelevant. I won't be touching singleplayer when Online comes out.

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  7. The social club is borked. You only need to open the camera in game to know that.
  8. The helicopter camera makes me feel ill. I think it's supposed to be the effect of crosswinds but it is just like being drunk all the time. It's also pointlessly/annoyingly difficult to fly in a straight line The cover system is consistent but it is too slow to be useful as often as it needs to be. I'm finding I'm often better of strafing rather than taking cover because at least I can run away quickly rather than get stuck on the end of a bench.
  9. Okay got my dispatch email now. Apparently it's coming in from the Netherlands.

    1. DuffMan


      It's in Germany now. That's the wrong day, dickheads.

    2. Brian


      They gonna fly it to you out of Deutschland.

  10. My copy still hasn't been sent. A bit pissed that ordering from Rockstar themselves means I don't actually get the game on release day.

    1. Qdeathstar


      If you bought the standard edition just pick it up in store then return the r* one to the store

    2. DuffMan


      I would but I ordered the collectors edition.

  11. I've golded the three mini-games so Chop now has a gold collar. Just a shame I don't have the fucking game too.
  12. I've been customising the shit out of my first car for Franklin. First upgrade and license plate is free so knock yourselves out. Also been training Chop. Taught him a trick and played all the mini games. Don't think I'll be spending too much time picking his shit up off the driveway though. Also has Lifeinvader and Social Club hooked into it. All in all a pretty damn cool app.
  13. Getting this on every page as of 10 minutes ago. Can't disable it. Well annoying I wouldn't have minded so much three days from now...
  14. There will be a lot of stuff they simply aren't allowed to talk about. IGN have had a massive exclusive, they aren't about to blow that (and the money they'll lose by defying legal ramifications) by talking about stuff they weren't supposed to. Also, why do you want to know the ins and outs of a ducks arse when you can find out for yourself in 9 days?
  15. I was thinking about something similar earlier. I have completely lost interest in almost all new games over the last few years because they don't leave anything to the imagination or allow you to be adventurous. As that excerpt says, the big moments of most games are condensed into a quicktime event you have no ability to change, other than to fail because you weren't paying attention (yawning) and didn't push A quickly enough. It seems to be that when a large game developer comes up with an idea for their next game, they have a series of events they want to squeeze in to take full advantage of the hardware and make it look good for trailers/eye candy in the game, as they know that will sell games and gamers will think they want to see it on their TV. Most are sold on it when it is no more involving than a movie with decent CGI. The problem is that, as a result of this, all ability to go about doing things your own way is taken out of the equation. The simplest way of showing this is looking at level maps from games 10-15 years ago and comparing them to now. Levels are much more linear and you may only have two (maximum of three) paths to mission success. If you stray from the path you are caught up by an invisible wall or some other false barrier which has been programmed in to keep you on the path the developer intended you to follow. Even some open world games manage to fall into this trap e.g. most RPGs will stop you beginning certain quests unless you've reached a certain level in a specific skill. While this is all part of being an RPG, it's a false barrier designed to stop you completing a mission unless you would be capable of completing it a certain way e.g. using magic rather than brute force. The difference with GTA is that it is a truly open world experience. If you need to get from A to B there is nothing to stop you driving across the map to get a helicopter and arriving at your destination with the military chasing after you (well, some missions will prevent that but only where it wouldn't make sense for you to continue). At the same time GTA allows you to fully experience an alternative world not entirely dissimilar to real life but give you the ability to do as you please. This is why I still find GTA appealing as it allows you to use your imagination and explore the world. The only thing GTA is missing is consequences for your actions - GTA IV gave you some decisions to make but none of them really affected the game in a massive way, other than determine whether you get a second safe house in Algonquin or not, or whether you take Roman or Kate bowling once a week after you've completed the game. It's why the internet goes crazy whenever Rockstar releases a single screenshot for the next GTA game - because it's the only remaining game of it's kind, done correctly.
  16. IV was released over five years ago, so reviewers will expect five years of progress. The real question is though, who gives a fuck? I don't think there's a gamer alive who wouldn't buy GTA V because somebody gave it a bad review.
  17. Bought a phone on Amazon this morning. Go to buy a diary this evening and find £50 promotional balance in my account. I'll take that diary and a Logitech mouse for free then, please. And feel free to give me more unexpected promotional balances, Amazon.

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    2. Massacre


      I can't remember. Either he's a radiologist, or he does prostate exams.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      nah, he's a QD...

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  18. Problem is when people put the spoilers in topic titles. I'll probably be glued to the game for a week though.
  19. There's a countdown on the top of the page, but I'm still going to post it here. 23 days.

  20. Today I realised we've waited longer for GTA 5 after 4 than we did for 4 after SA. Crazy right?

    1. BRO_MAN


      Also, shorter wait to release than it was from the character trailers to gameplay.

    2. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Sometimes I pee with the toilet seat down... 'cause I'm a rebel.

    3. Rayge


      04-08 SA-IV

      08-13 IV-V

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  21. Everything about the video is awesome. Can see why it needs two DVDs now
  22. The topic just gets hidden rather than deleted. They need to move the topic to another forum to get it off the front page. They should leave it though, kinda sets the mood for the site.
  23. DuffMan


    Well I just bought that TV (Sony, obviously) so now I just need to get GTA V over and done with and the PS4 will be mine. Someone has taken my usual name for games on PSN already though which I'm a bit pissed off about. Will have to get my thinking cap on, picking a username is a hell of a commitment.