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  1. those are some real good finds but idk what the first one was really showing. Well...
  2. Try searching for Grand theft auto, click in GTA chinatown wars or something from rockstar, and click in "view more apps by this developer".
  3. Ign just released their review a few minutes ago check this out: http://www.ign.com/a...t-auto-v-review
  4. You can customize your car license plates for GTA V and GTA ONLINE, and each one is unique it's pretty cool tho
  5. The official iFruit app has been released, customise cars, train chop, access Lifeinvader and the Social Club and more! Link for a IOS app: https://itunes.apple...d697056811?mt=8 I I didn't found android one yet..
  6. Look what it says in the GTA V japanese site in music and entertainment... http://www.rockstarg...d-entertainment Really weird.
  7. The scene where there's someone with a juggernaut like suit and minigun running in the street, kinda reminds me of the ''North Hollywood bank shoot-out'' http://i.imgur.com/elxSwyF.gif
  8. I don't think that mountains would work, if there's a invisible barrier by the mountains you could just fly very high with a plane somewhere in the map and see what is there behind the mountains, unless they actually create something that looks like a poor rendered unfinished map behind all the mountains, so it would look like a extension, like in skyrim you could see the oblivion main city behind the mountains I guess, but couldnt reach it without console commands, but either way I don't think rockstar would place invisible barriers, so it will probably be something like a island with a extensive sea, so you would just fly ahead the sea for minutes until something stops you, like a message saying that you are going to far and teleport you back or explode your plane / kill you, that is just what I think it will be.
  9. Unless it was mentioned in the video or previews (and I missed it because my head exploded), the only way I see the property thing working is if you host a "server" so YOU buy safehouses and invite people to YOUR game but the others either don't buy properties in YOUR game or they really will have a million different games saved where you and whoever bought certain properties in that game. And if someone bought the one you wanted you just go start your own game with flapjacks and hookers. No, it will probably be something like this. Let's take for example that apartment we saw in the video. A million players can own that safehouse, but when you go to the entrance to the building, you choose which player's apartment you want to visit. This way one player can be in his "version" of that safehouse, and others can be in theirs at the same time, like in different dimensions. I dont think it is possible because of the view in the window of the apartment, it is a real time view of the in-game world