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  1. Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I'll just go outside and cough on a homeless person. 

  2. I should have known. 


    1. Qdeathstar


      Yea, you should have... but it was still worth it, right?

    2. ViceMan


      Should've know by now Eazy duz it.

  3. yee


    1. GunSmith


      Babe, I *wish* your area was as moist as the Red Sea.

  4. Long live the King of the Kremlings.
  5. Am I the only one here actually excited for this shit? It's a fighting game that has.. Mario Sonic Snake Mega Man Pac Man Cloud Ryu and a shit ton of other characters with more to come. It's dope.
  6. Gunsmith is back? DM me a dick pic you coward. 

  7. Christ on crutches. That's way better than what he originally reminded me of.
  8. If they do Vice City today it would be set in modern day losing it's 80's aesthetic. Unless it's a prequel set in the 70's, I wouldn't want another GTA set there.
  9. Possible front guy could be the villain at some point?
  10. The Goon

    Mad Max

    Max doesn't look like Mel Gibson therefore I'm offended.
  11. I'm taking over. 

    1. ViceMan


      Feel free, we need more bodies to prop the ceiling up anyway.

    2. gtagrl


      Here are the keys. If you hear screaming from the basement, you're imagining things. 

    3. Qdeathstar