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  1. Always wished that in GTA IV there was a mission to break Gerry out. Would have been epic.
  2. Which would limit the weapons you can carry, which in turn will make the game less fun. This perplexes me. While true on limiting the number of weapons one can carry, I think would make the game much more interesting. Imagine if you could carry only maybe a pistol or two, a knife, maybe an uzi of sorts, and a few grenades with some extra ammo. It would have to make you think before you try and off an entire police department. You would then in a sense have to dress for major heists. You would need tactical gear which in turn would make one seem rather suspicious. Or perhaps you could call a Little Jacob type friend who would drop off an AR and some ammo, rob the store, and have Franklin drive you away. Then to maybe make up for the lack of personal armament, you could mod your car to carry weapons and ammo. That would be cool. A seemingly...nerfing...idea towards GTA could in fact make GTA a little more action packed and in a sense, more challenging.
  3. I really want to see a free roam multiplayer mode that retains singleplayer elements. RDR free roam was awesome, except it was more of a free for all on a larger scale. Maybe multiplayer hunting? See who can bag the most coyotes in 10 minutes. Random events in multiplayer would be awesome. Have it where maybe say a semi truck full of weapons crashed and all the players are alerted. Could be a king of the hill type event. Capture and defend points could be interesting. If you capture the airport and hold it, you will be able to continue having air support to take other points. Could be conquest in GTA V.
  4. Anyone else want an underwater freaking strip club as a safehouse?! That would be some classic Rockstar shit right there! All jokes aside, some form of underwater safehouse would be awesome. Maybe some old underwater science lab?
  5. Well I trust Rockstar has a rather clever way for one to spend hard earned cash. For all we know...they could be reading these posts as we speak.
  6. Considering the span of the world environment, I would like to see a nice mix from each. We know that sharks will appear in the oceans, so most likely a good assortment of fish both friendly and hostile. It would rather hilarious that if playing as Trevor, a group of coyotes got into your meth stash and became very high and began to attack you.
  7. It would not surprise me if gangs played a slight role in this game. Gangs are a big player in LA so Rockstar most likely has them play a role, albeit a small one. Since the overall goal is to in a sense make money, maybe you can use gangs as a source of income. Maybe as Trevor you can supply them with meth to sell if they give you a cut. Or as Franklin you can have them make a distraction so you can repo someone's car. Or maybe even as Trevor you can simply rid of an entire gang so as to take their money, and more importantly, drugs to make money.
  8. Whilst property is out of the question, why not business? Since changing where the protagonists live is out of the option, nothing relating to their live style is out of question. Maybe as Trevor you could buy a small corner drug store to expand your meth dealing. Or as Michael a clothing shop to provide another source of income and a cover for his criminal plans. Perhaps Franklin could buy a small garage downtown to store repo'd cars. If the goal of the game is the pursuit of the dollar, then business is not out of the question. It isn't property in a sense, but means of income and expansion of their professions. Such an example is the boat yard you could purchase in Vice City. It really wasn't as much a property as a service. It was great having fast boats at the ready was it not. Whatever the things you can spend your money on,I hope they add things that you spend your free roam time saving up for so you can earn more money to get the next tier of "I Want That".
  9. Recently in my looking and admiring of the GTA V screenshots I have noticed something rather interesting. It appears to me that Rockstar has implemented some form of environment change dynamic. What I mean by that is if you do something like say, burn down a building, it will be roped off and rebuilt. Now while my example is not confirmed let me show you some screenshots that confirm either a change in map design or a dynamic change as result of some mission. Case One: http://www.igta5.com/images/official-screenshot-another-wonderful-sunset-in-los-santos.jpg (Note:I will not be posting the full images as they are very large) If you notice that the tall skyscraper on the left of the even taller one has a construction crane. Seems harmless right? Wrong. Case Two: http://www.igta5.com/images/official-screenshot-view-from-observatory.jpg This shot shows that the same skyscraper is lacking said crane. Case Three: http://www.igta5.com/images/official-screenshot-nice-dam-view-of-the-city.jpg This shot also shows the same skyscraper lacking the crane. Closing thoughts: If you look at other screenshots showcasing the same building you notice the lacking of that crane up until recent screenshots. It seems apparent to me that one of two things is going on, Rockstar decided to add a crane for looks which is highly unlikely, here is why. Rockstar starts to develop their games around the map. Once the map is loosely built they develop story and so on and so forth. So this far into development it seems highly unlikely that they would add a crane with no apparent use. It also seems that as they release screenshots they are delving farther into the story. The trailer and screenshots were mere intros, the next trailer and slew of screenshots showed more mission based content. So it seems that the crane may be the result of a mission or an environment change. Maybe in that storm we saw in the screenshot of the pier caused a bunch of glass and structural damage to the skyscraper I use as my example. If my theory is in fact, well, fact...this would be a major leap in game world and game dynamics. Whatever the case, I am greatly excited to finally play this game come September.
  10. Well it has been confirmed by Rockstar that RPG customization is ruled out. However I would like to see more clothing options. One thing I missed in GTA;SA and GTA IV was the police uniform. It was nice to have so you could infiltrate police stations and lose wanted stars.