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  1. The only thing (rating wise) that it has that GrandTheftAuto IV did not have is "Mature Humour". What a relief.. GTA IV had terrible "humour".
  2. In the most recent GameInformer issue, there was a section for GTAV that stated that there WILL be an option to replay missions after you've finished them. I don't have the magazine with me at the moment or I would have quoted it. However, still no word yet on if there will be ratings.
  3. First day of my CSTs and I got this eagerness for the trailers ravaging my mind... not good. XD
  4. In the screen with Franklin shooting the minigun, is it just me, or has the fire from the police car spread to the tree next to it? It is at a funny angle, so I'm not so sure. Also, I'd love to go up in that Ferris Wheel like in Vice City; maybe snipe some peds from there..
  5. Just putting this out there, but if you look on the licence plate on the screenshot of the CHEETAH, it says "OCT" which means October, and an orange registration sticker. I looked up and saw that the 2013 sticker for California is also orange! So maybe we will get a 2nd trailer in October (or just about), and the game out in 2013. Just a thought, i hope its just coincidence though because we all want this game sooner rather than later!
  6. That last cop car is different from the one in the trailer. Look at the tail lights.
  7. I couldnt help but notice one of yesterdays new gta5 screenshots looked like a Koenigsegg Agera. So i made this to compare the two~ looks promising!
  8. Id like to see more car physics. Like maybe wheels falling off or a broken axis from a hard fall. The crash/damage engine was greatly improved from all the other games to 4, but i want to see just a bit more realism in how the car is shaped after a crash. It just looked wierd when your car ended up like:
  9. I would like to see Stallion in GTA V because it has to be one of the cars they've kept in all the GTA games since GTA 1!
  10. Yes. Like the helicopters in GTA4, the blades and tail would fall off if you neglected them too much and the emergency beeper would go off. Except in a plane it would be much more dramatic due to your high velocity.
  11. I never thought of that, i wonder how that will work to be able to switch how you'd hold your gun. Great idea tho! Coolio! Welcome. I know what you mean, but i think carrying one of each tier weapon on you at one time was silly enough for GTA, but when you can just carry anything you want? Well..... But they could do a thing where you could carry any weapon you like, but have a certain amount of open slots that you have. And you should be able to shoot out the window of a car with any weapon! But if its a two handed weapon like an AK or a RPG, you would lose the ability to steer for as long as your shooting.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum so please don't be too rough! Anyways... i would like to see some realistic gun movement/physics in GTA5. Like R* did in Max Payne 3, where the slide of the gun would blow back to have a little more realism to it. Also the ejected shells should be tangible by the player (not that you'd want to kick around a shell for an hour). Also, when you reload, the magazine should have physics applied to it too, and fall to the ground when you switch it out. I might be asking for too much, but it would still be real neat! In previous GTA games all you had was a solid gun that just looked pretty and shot whatever you aimed at. Hopefully we'll get some actual gun mechanics and not just an object that shoots. What do you think? Let the people speak!!
  13. Big Cockroaches D: