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  1. Best idea ever Also, I was looking at the trailer and look what i found! DO WANT
  2. I think during freeroam you should be allowed to chill inside cargo holds of planes and not fall over every 2 seconds when standing on top of a a flatbed.
  3. What kind of challenges are you looking for in GTA V, in RDR we had things like hunting a certain amount of animals, killing a certain amount of people with a select gun, things like that. Maybe something like drive 10km with no crashes (gonna be bloody hard )
  4. I think that as you take more damage your clothes should get ripped, for instance, say you're wearing a suit, maybe after taking so much damage a bit of your tie gets ripped off or one of your sleeves gets obliterated
  5. What type of plane physics do you guys want to see in GTA V, I'm looking for things like being able to walk around inside the planes, being able to float around inside the back of the plane when it starts falling at a certain speed, being able to stand on the wings maybe? I really hope that if you hit a building with your wing you're not gonna bounce off it and go spinning off, I want the wing to break off and suddenly you start plummeting to the ground with very little time to pull your chute and save yourself from certain death.
  6. Wouldn't it be cool if instead of a loading screen you actually go up the elevator and get to see the sights. That plus a riot mode would just be epic as fuck nuggets. Imagine sniping out the elevator
  7. Cop logic in GTA 4: 1. Doesn't care when you carry a rocket launcher in public. Opens fire when you bump into them. 2. Hears a gun fired somewhere in the city. Knows the exact person who did it even if they don't have a gun out. 3. He has run over 36 pedestrians and shot 3 officers, lets take him down. Oh wait, he's on his cellphone. 4. I don't see the suspect anymore, call off the search. 5. "Stop! We just want to help you". Shoots to kill 6. Our entire department is no match for this one man, better call the national guard. 7. Oh he's going to sleep leave him be 8. I know you just shot four people, stole fire cars in a row and just ran over 36 pedestrians but I'm going to let you off this time. 9. Don't worry Ma'am we'll catch your husbands serial killer, unless he gets his car painted. 10. Whoa there buddy, are you walking around downtown with a hand grenade? Carry on. 11. Whoa did you just see that guy driving 100mph through a red light. No 12. Guys he went into his apartment, acquitted of all charges 13. That guy is destroying vehicles with a tank! Better chase him down on foot and shoot with our pistols. They really need to be improved, I think they should add K9s and the ability to struggle with a cop like in sleeping dogs but rather than have you cuff the cop, say maybe the cop cuffs you but wriggle out of his grip and run off with a pair of handcuffs on and when you lose your wanted level or you find something sharp you can take them off, just an idea :3