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  1. Yeah, because, you know, music has nothing to do with opinion. Opinion doesn't mean shit when it comes to a soundtrack. It's not about what you like, it's about what fits into the setting and makes it feel how the developers meant for it to. If people want to fuck that up to listen to the kind of shit that's been posted in this topic, fine. I said I wanted to listen to the soundtrack they put into the game... Until I've heard it all. Then I would like the option to listen to my own music, of my choice. But hey, that's just my opinion, Chachi.
  2. Yeah, because, you know, music has nothing to do with opinion. I would like to be able to plug my old school iPod classic with the turntable wheel into the Xbox and use it as a radio station. That is after I've heard all the hilarious commercials R* is adding in this go-round.
  3. Keys. You like a car? Save it in your garage, etc. after this you have "keys" to the car. As long as you don't park it in a "tow-away" zone you can hold (triangle or Y) and your character with lock the car door... Just don't park your Maserati in the ghetto overnight. Only problem I can think of is parking a car in a position that would directly affect a mission, like parking in front of a bank then doing a heist at that bank. Simple fix though, if you do so then your car disappears.
  4. Original Hummer Formula One, rally, touring, and sport race cars Dune buggys Monster trucks (shit was epic in SA) Karts Tow trucks Cement trucks (that work) Bulldozers Military hummers with 50's Tank, duh Double decker bus? Motorcycles with sidecars (fun on multiplayer, think Mario kart) 18 wheel cranes I would also like to see military or FBI vehicles to have bullet proof windows and "never-flat" tires.
  5. Brilliant? Helicopters performed in IV the same way they did in VC, with a few tweaks. They are hard as fuck to get good at. Sure you can fly and dodge buildings left and right... I'm not talking about that. I'm really only speaking about the attack choppers. It was a challenge to hit a moving car with the turrets, One, because there was no crosshair, not even in first person view. An two, because even if there was a crosshair, keeping it steady on a target was next to impossible.If you have played BF2/3 that is a good sense of how I would like helis to control in V. Shot in the dark but worth a wish.
  6. You have 7 posts under your name Hi Also, I do agree with a few of your posts COSenna. But people don't always share your opinions, you came and you shared yours...and other people had theirs. It isn't right or's your opinion and your preference, you can't get mad if other people don't share them, they are yours. Chill out Brother, I'm always chill. I realize everything on here is an opinion. I was just speaking mine (which is that if you think the motorcycle physics in IV were good enough, well, you're wrong IMO.) Plain and simple. That's it, that's all.... Carry on.
  7. What a waste of time, haha. I thought there might be some intelligent members on this forum looking for better gameplay. Instead I get flamed by a bunch of highschool forum junkies because I have "5 posts" under my name. It's a personal opinion. If you loved motorcycles and their physics in IV and want the same shit in V, then I hope you don't get what you want because you're truly an idiot. Period. Now please, flame away...
  8. Interesting. I didn't know that bikes fishtail when taking a 90 degree turn going 15 mph. Good to know though. All I'm saying is, let the bike lean into the turn more. There's a reason you don't hit the break going around a turn on a motorcycle, if you don't know by now stunt-driver-guy, its because you'll lay the bike down. If ANYTHING you hit the gas and hope you make the turn without your wheels flipping out from under you. I'm sure, being the elite physic-understanding daredevil you are, you should find that out pretty soon. Not really trying to flame, TBH. Just thought that anyone who's rode a motorcycle should know that rule. And no, you don't just automatically fishtail when turning on a bike, and if you do, you're in the wrong profession.
  9. That's fantastic. Now I know you're an idiot. Don't crash, boy.
  10. Hmm, needed to aquire a lot of money so i can color my hair blue, seems uninteresting to me. That's because you lack imagination, Steve,
  11. Thank's for your input professor. Now tell me, how many motorcycles was it that you've been on? Haro bikes don't count.
  12. Well I know there is a few topics concerning physics, but i would like to limit this one mainly to helicopters and motorcycle physics. Helicopters: Come on R*, you gotta fix this. Flying a heli hasn't changed since first implemented in Vice City. Same SHITTY physics. Like a flying a slow motion bobble head. I want a more realistic approach, something like BF3 helicopter controls. I want cock pit vews, and if flying a attack chopper, give us a damn cross hair at the very least (same goes for planes). IV was pathetic in this sense (and many others, still a great game however.) Motorcycles: Same thing... FIX IT R*!! The physics were also pathetic. SA was even better than IV. When turning the back wheel would automatically fishtail behind you, making it such an annoyance to ride and control well. I used to have a blast running up a 6-star wanted level in SA, jumping on an NRG-900 and running from the military as long as possible. I wouldn't dare even try that in IV. Possible? Duh. Boring, unrealistic, and pointless? Absolutely. Another thing, when firing a weapon from a motorcycle, or even a car, zoom in over the players shoulder so you can get a better view on what you're aiming at. Not so much that you can't see where you're going, be innovative in this aspect R*, I begeth you. Lets hear it...
  13. Can we get some more imaginative posts? Everyone keeps reiterating the same ideas. Personally, I would like to see the "bold new direction" as an attempt to implement money as the main goal in this game. Anything you can do to get as much as possible. And it means more, too. In IV, money didn't really mean anything. There wasn't much you could buy. In fact, SA used money a lot more than IV, mostly because of safe houses. I think what money ultimately boils down to is customization. This mean character, vehicle, weapon, safe house, businesses, friends, etc. I would like to be able to make your own story. From the get-go you Gould be able to choose the way you are going to be making the green. Now, I'm no imposing changing the storyline. That's too much work IMO and would take away from the game. The game would still progress as usual but you main income wouldn't come from missions. They could set up opportunities to start different businesses, probably brought on by friends or acquaintances. Se have suggested one of these could be an actual GTA business, steal and sell. Maybe owning a chop shop or mechanic shop. Buying restaurants or growing weed up in the farm hills. Import/export. Whatever it is, I would like to see earning money as a difficult thing to do and the things you can buy and do with that money will make this game more fun to play then SA. And that's the number one challenge I think R* has in their hands.