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Found 1 result

  1. Well I know there is a few topics concerning physics, but i would like to limit this one mainly to helicopters and motorcycle physics. Helicopters: Come on R*, you gotta fix this. Flying a heli hasn't changed since first implemented in Vice City. Same SHITTY physics. Like a flying a slow motion bobble head. I want a more realistic approach, something like BF3 helicopter controls. I want cock pit vews, and if flying a attack chopper, give us a damn cross hair at the very least (same goes for planes). IV was pathetic in this sense (and many others, still a great game however.) Motorcycles: Same thing... FIX IT R*!! The physics were also pathetic. SA was even better than IV. When turning the back wheel would automatically fishtail behind you, making it such an annoyance to ride and control well. I used to have a blast running up a 6-star wanted level in SA, jumping on an NRG-900 and running from the military as long as possible. I wouldn't dare even try that in IV. Possible? Duh. Boring, unrealistic, and pointless? Absolutely. Another thing, when firing a weapon from a motorcycle, or even a car, zoom in over the players shoulder so you can get a better view on what you're aiming at. Not so much that you can't see where you're going, be innovative in this aspect R*, I begeth you. Lets hear it...