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  1. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    The update is OK at best. They patched the mask/helmet glitch, that wasn't hurting anyone... Biggest complaint. The rest hasn't been too bad..
  2. Too bad they wont allow Playstation users to take their PSN Plus cloud to take PS3 save files, and re render them for the remastered version... But, what can you do. I will probably get it anyway.
  3. I believe mine is about 400+ as well... I love the game so much, and it is by far my favorite game I have ever played. I was never really much for side characters, however. I get pissed about loosing a few hours worth of completion, who knows what 4 years worth would do lol. But, maybe seeing the new edition firsthand will spark me to make a redo..
  4. Id go and buy the whole lot..the game..the DLC's again.. but there is no character transfer system for consoles? Its practically the same game. I put more time into one character than id even want to look up, and I just don't know if I wanna restart. I'm sure there is a way to transfer completion data/character data/ world data over...
  5. I wonder how difficult it would be to create a Walking Dead night? I dont know what everyones characters look like, but we might get something together... worth looking into? Would get rid of Apocalypse night, though.
  6. Hopefully I can make it after work! Sounds like its going to be quite the set up
  7. Kwarb

    GTAO Wishlist

    I know exactly how you feel. It seems very stale, and I end up playing SP because im broke Online. I dont have the time to grind, and the connection to team grind, so I always miss out on the bigger items. Im lucky to get a few DLC guns and the clothes. $2.8 mil isnt enough to do much... And who wants to buy shark cards??
  8. Kwarb

    GTAO Wishlist

    Not quite GTAO material here, but Id love to see some of the more new content come to sinlge player. Benny's garage, some of the new cars and guns, and the ability to save and switch outfits like online. It seems like it has been neglected since the IGG2 update... Frankly, the only reason I play SP (after beating it again on New Gen) is to mess around with the new stuff that comes out. For GTAO, military clothing and new guns would make me happy lol.
  9. Looks dope, ill definitely be there! I have some ideas for some cool snaps, too...
  10. They should start selling extra characer slots fot GTAO... Why not? if they kept it reasonable, id definitely pay for an extra slot or two, just to increase my diversity. Hey, Rockstar, you could MAKE MONEY on this! hopefully that got their attention .
  11. I might be able to make it later on tonight, maybe 2-3 hours from now? And all I have is a poorly customized Elegy, soo looks like im not winning any races if I make it tonight
  12. Im currently working on a war game in Raton Canyon... First time using the creator in next gen, and I thought id be able to use more than "5 different vehicle types" lol.
  13. Military night seems pretty cool... I should start making jobs for that one I think it would be cool to do something out in the water, to mix up with all of the more land oriented nights. Other than that, my only other suggestion is to make our own iGTA movie? Plot it out a little, give everyone roles, etc.
  14. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    I bought the Kalahari a long time ago... im pretty sure that is my only DLC car. Im down to 3 mill, and I will end up putting more money towards guns and clothes than cars. Looked into buying a stilt house... any of them really worth it? I haven't touched the new update yet, but as long as the mask/helmet glitch is intact, I will be happy lol.