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  1. I beleive that when they say hammer as a bonus weapon they mean the m32 hammer grenade launcher that michael was shown with in a screenshot
  2. it looks as if franklin has a beard of some sort in the screen of him with the handgun and also possible scars in his hair
  3. I wish that R* would include more civilian weapons like the sks or mini 14, mabey they could make it so you could pay for upgrades and like put a scilencer on it or cut down the sear on a workbench in each protagonists home or something, IDK...
  4. personal i like the idea of being franklen and having a rotweiler to git people and bite em, it woud also be fun living in the ghetto causing troble n fighting bangers.
  5. i want tha dlc weapons and cars n stuff to transfer over to the original game, or mabey have tha dlcs like saints row where all the stuff was just added to the old game, idk, definatly could be worked on tho
  6. heres my idea, id like to see more realistic weapons you would accualy find criminals using like these, plus some cool ones cuz its gta. id also like mostly semi auto/civilain weapons that can be upgraded to full auto imo: -.38 -jennings/hi point/raven -glock/m1911 -ar 15* -sks* -mini 14* -kg9* -m11* -mp5 pdw -calico m950* -mossberg 500 -saiga 12k* -m700/m24 -sig 550 with long range scope -LOTS OF MELEE -rpg 7 -ww2 bazooka, lol -russian hand grenade(f1 I think?) -molotov -semtex * can be upgraded to full auto illegaly thats just my list for now and it can be improved, wat do you guys think? mabey have sporting goods stores sell the civilian ones and then a gun show will sell the rest, lol @kristo where would you put an anti aircraft gun in gta? mabey on top of a safe house... i dont think niko could fit that one in his inside pocket, lol
  7. mabey you could work with gangs and such but not be part of one per say, different gangs have different perks and stuff like that
  8. what do you guys think about mostly civilian weapons that can be upgraded to full auto? O.o